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Loki Tree is a type of tree first mentioned in Episode 20-"We Are Family, Part 2" The tree was was never shown, but it was mentioned by Gobber. It is shown to have a horrible smell, and the ash of the Loki tree could be used to apply black color. This type of tree grows only in one place: Outcast Island. Since Outcast Island is a dry and rocky area, this might suggest that the Loki tree doesn't need much moisture and soil minerals, and it might be a dry desert vegetation. The name of this tree is named after the Norse god Loki.

In Dragons: Riders of Berk

In We Are Family, Part 2, when Stoick, Gobber and the gang come to the Isle of Night to look for Hiccup, the gang come across the fake Night Fury. Before anyone could stop them, Ruffnut and Tuffnut blow it up. When Stoick and Gobber arrive questioning if they found something, they reply that they found a fake Night Fury and was blown to pieces by Ruffnut and Tuffnut. Gobber examines a piece of the blown up Night Fury, and says that it was made of dragon skin, and then covered with the ash of the Loki tree. When Snotlout says that he has never heard of such a tree, Stoick and Gobber reply together that this tree grows only in one place- Outcast Island. Hence they conclude that Hiccup and Toothless are on Outcast Island.

In Dawn of the Dragon Racers

When Stoick calls Hiccup to the docks, he tells him that he managed to found Loki wood on Loki island - a strong wood that they'll use to make their ship out of it.


  • Loki Trees

    Trees that could be Loki trees

    In Episode 16 Defiant One, some trees are shown on Outcast Island. It is possible that these are Loki trees.
  • Berk too has a plant life that only grows on their island (Called Berks Bog-Rose) as seen in the book. However they don't share a name of Norse gods like the Loki Trees.
  • In We Are Family, Part 2, Gobber says that Loki Tree only grows in one place - Outcast Island. However, in Dawn of the Dragon Racers, Stoick says to Hiccup that he managed to found Loki wood on Loki Island.

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