Long-Eared Caretaker Dragons are docile Bog Dragons used by the Vikings as cart dragons, babysitters, and children's guard dragons.

Traits and Abilities

Caretaker Dragons have long floppy, cavernous ears, giving the appearance of a basset hound or lop-eared rabbit. These ears do serve a purpose, though. Caretaker Dragon pairs raise and parent their eggs and offspring (unlike some dragon species). After laying several speckled eggs, the female will place the eggs in the folds of her mate's ears, where the eggs will remain warm and dry until hatching. After hatching, the baby Caretaker Dragons will still use their parent's ears for shelter and protection. Because of their strong parental instinct, Caretaker dragons are used to watch over human infants and children, as was the case with parent-less Fishlegs.


How to Seize a Dragon's Jewel

It was mentioned that Fishlegs was raised on Berk by Long-Eared Caretaker Dragons.

The Incomplete Book of Dragons



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