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Loyal Order of Ingerman is the fourth episode of Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 6. It was released on February 16, 2018.


Upset after learning his ancestors were Hunters who killed off Dramillions, Fishlegs sets out to see if he can find any of the dragon species left.


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  • It's implied in this episode that Fishlegs may have at least one older brother as the three kids call him 'Uncle Fishlegs'. This could also be a pet name the kids use for him, given how close they are.
  • The way Fishlegs tames the Dramillion is nearly identical to how Hiccup tried to tame a Monstrous Nightmare in the first film.
  • After the children burn Snotlout's Hut, Snotlout says "There will be repercutions for this!", which is the same line he says to Gustav in "The Flight Stuff".
  • The sheep Fishlegs spots on Dramillion Island while searching for a Dramillion bears a striking resemblance to Mildew's sheep, Fungus





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