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The Incomplete Book of Dragons

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Maces and Talons, Part 2 (transcript)
This is a transcript page for Maces and Talons, Part 2.


Hiccup: I don't get it! How did Viggo get away?! How did we lose Heather, Windshear and the flightmare?!

Astrid: I don't even wanna think about what they're going to do to her and those dragons.

[Fishlegs, Tuff and Ruff land]

Hiccup: You guys find anything?

Fishlegs: No, the fog was too thick. They used it as cover and just vanished.

Astrid: We should've just pulled Heather out, Hiccup. I knew something like this was..

Hiccup: Astrid! She wouldn't have come with us.

Tuffnut: It could be worse.We could've brought the Dragon eye.

[Ruff hits Tuff]

Tuffnut: Aoh!

Hiccup: How do you know I didn't bring the Dragon Eye?

Tuffnut: How did I know you didn't bring the Dragon Eye?

[Ruff hits tuff again and smiles innocently]

Tuffnut: OUCH.

Hiccup: Yeah. Okay. You're right . I didn't bring it.

Astrid: Thanks Thor!

[Snotlout Lands]

Snotlout: No kidding. Then Viggo would have had Heather, Windshear, the Flightmare AND the Dragon Eye.

Hiccup: Which is back on Dragon's Edge completely unguarded.

[Back on Dragon's Edge]

Fishlegs: Look at this. I feel violated.

Hiccup: This is the last part of Viggo's plan.

Snotlout: Lead us away from the Edge so the rest of the hunters in the armada can stay behind and come after the Dragon Eye.

Hiccup: How did I not see that?

[In Hiccup's Hut]

Hiccup: It's gone. They got it.

Snotlout: Are you sure you put it away after you got it back from the twins?

Hiccup: Got it back from the twins? What are you talking about?

[In the awesome viking cave club north-east]

Hiccup: Wow. They really wrecked this place.

Snotlout: This pretty much how we left it.

Tuffnut: Except. I don't remember that sword being there!

[Tuff points to a stuffed yak with a sword in its mouth]

Snotlout: No. No. No, remember? We were playing Pirates vs Vikings. And you were the pirates' Captain.

Tuffnut: Oh right . Ha ha. That is one great game. Yeah this is pretty much how we left in.

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