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Maeve is a female villain and member of the Dragonroot Company who first appeared in Dragons: Titan Uprising.


Encounter with Fishlegs

While investigating the cause of the apparition of dragon hybrids, Fishlegs crossed paths with Maeve. Suspicious of her, Fishlegs asked the woman who she was and if she happened to know about the dragon hybrids. Maeve quickly flew away on her Buffalord, without answering the questions. Fishlegs followed her, but accidentally stumbled upon Guardian of the Forest. He was then forced to fight the dragon, while Maeve managed to escape.

Physical Appearance

Maeve is a tall, slender woman with a pointed chin, a small nose, and a long, but thick mouth. She has long, auburn hair, tied in a single braid, with purple extensions. She has blue, oval eyes and thick eyebrows. She has a purple scar-shaped paint on her right eye.

Maeve wears a black dragon scale armor with blue highlights. She has a dark brown belt with metal pinned to it. She has two large shoulder pads with spikes that are black and purple. She wears a dark cape with a hoodie attached to it. She has a large necklace with many teeth on it, presumably dragon teeth. She wears a simple brown katana on her forehead.



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