Magmar Thorston is a Berkian man from ages long past, and Tuff's and Ruff's great uncle. He claimed Dragon's Edge for House Thorston. It's said he could debone a cod by passing it through his nose.

DreamWorks Dragons: The Series

Dragons: Race to the Edge

In the episode Reign of Fireworms, the twins happen across a claim stone, which they call a "Namey Rock" due to the fact that it has their surname Thorston written on it. Upon inspection, it's found that Magmar Thorston claimed the island which the Riders now call Dragon's Edge in the name of the Thorston clan, and left the claim stone as permanent documentation of the claim. This leaves the twins to believe that they own the island and rule as monarchs over the other Riders.


Unlike the twins, Magnar knew how to spell correctly.