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"All hail Mala, Queen Defender of the Wing!"

Queen Mala is the leader of a dragon worshiping tribe.

DreamWorks Dragons: The Series

Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 3

Defenders of the Wing, Part 1

Mala first meets the Dragon Riders after they were captured by Throk, believing they were Dragon Hunters. After a conversation with them, she finds them guilty and decides to take them to the nest after she finds the map with Viggo's signature. In the Nest she sends Hiccup over into a pit with a few Speed Stingers. After Toothless and the other dragons come to rescue the Riders, she orders Throk to release them after she realizes that they are not Dragon Hunters.

When she went with the Riders on a tour of the village, she introduces them to the Eruptodon, the Great Protector. Then she notices that the volcano that the Eruptodon kept from flowing was burning the hill above. When she arrived at the volcano she saw that the Eruptodon disappeared. After the Riders discover that Viggo captured the dragon, and that he used the Riders as a distraction, Mala accuses them for betraying and threatens Hiccup with a sword, saying that she will kill him herself.

Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 4

Defenders of the Wing, Part 2


Mala has very short, blonde hair with her bangs parted to the right. She has pale green eyes.

Mala's outfit is very similar to the rest of her tribe with the exception of being longer and gold lining on her tunic and shoulder guards. The ends on the front of have Eruptodon symbols.


  • Mala is the second original female character in the series. The first being Heather.
  • Mala is the first female leader of a tribe.
  • Her sword resembles a Japanese katana.
  • She has a tendency to twist Hiccup's words against him in order to try and trip him up.
  • She has the shortest hair of all female characters.
  • It is possible Mala is loosely inspired by Valka's original character, which was when she was planned to be the villain for the sequel.
    • In the original, Valka began to trust her family, but when she saw the ships, she assumed Hiccup and Stoick betrayed her. This is similar to when Mala went back to her original belief that Hiccup was working for Viggo after the Eruptodon was taken.


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