Mood Dragons are beautiful majestic empowering iridescent multicultural dragons.

It is possible that the Hobblegrunt Franchise dragon is based on a Mood Dragon.

Mood Dragons sided with the Humans in the Dragon Rebellion.

Traits and Abilities

A Mood Dragon's color changes according to its mood. For example: Camicazi's Stormfly turns a violet color when she lies. An angry Mood Dragon turns a deep blue-black, an excited Mood Dragon turns orangey-pink, and nervousness is a very pale green. There is a wide variation in size, from the size of a spaniel to as big as a lioness. When they get very angry, they tend to swell up. Their eggs will change color as well. They are not particularly vicious unless angered. The Dragon Key in "The Complete Book of Dragons" indicates Mood Dragons also have X-ray vision.

Note that Camicazi's Stormfly is capable of speaking Norse, in addition to Dragonese, which indicates a high level of intelligence. Despite that, they can be self-centered and manipulative.