Night of the Hunters, Part 1 (transcript)
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[Episode begins on Dragon's Edge, in the morning. Meatlug wakes up, but goes back to sleep, along with Barf & Belch, Hookfang. Astrid is flying Stormfly]

Astrid: Whoo-hoo! [Astrid is laughing as Stormfly flies up a cliff] We're going vertical, Stormfly! [Astrid screams as Stormfly dives into the forest, exclaimng along the way] Catch ya on the other side! [Astrid grunts while she jumps onto a tree and then swings through the brush until she lands on Stormfly] Miss me?

[Stormfly snorts as they near water before they land]

Astrid: Nothing like and early moring ride to start the day.[Astrid pets Stormfly] I know, we should do it more often. From now on, I promise we'll--

[Dragons growl, and Astrid and Stormfly take off to investigate]

Astrid: That way.

[Astrid and Stormfly fly and finds anchored; men are loading up on crates while Astrid and Stormfly land to investigate]

Astrid: [Astrid looks at the ships' colors] I've never seen those colors before. [Astrid then looks at one of the ship's insignia] But I have seen that insignia. It was on the Reaper. [gasps] Those are Dragon Hunters. Come on, Stormly, let's get a better look. [Stormfly takes off to get a closer look]

[dragons growling, men shouting as Stormly and Astrid look on. Monstrous nightmare growls as Dragon Hunter bangs on cage].

Dragon Hunter: Quiet down, ya useless lizard.

[Astrid gasps, grunts]

[Dragon Hunter laughs until Ryker Grimborn slams the Dragon Hunter's head into cage and grunts]

Ryker Grimborn: Just load'em up.

Dragon Hunter: Yes, Ryker. Sorry, Ryker.

Ryker: Look at him. Powerful. Perfect. Remember, they're smarter than you. [Monstrous nightmare pushses Dragon Hunter away] But not me. [chuckling until he starts sniffing]

[Astrid gasps]

Ryker: And grab that Nadder!

Astrid: Get us outta here, Stormfly!

Ryker Grimborn: Archers! Loose.

Astrid: Come on, Stormfly! We gotta get Hiccup![Stormfly is then shot by Ryker and growls in pain] Stormfly!

Ryker: When a Nadder shoots its spines, it always leaves its belly exposed.

Astird: Who, Stormfly! Whoa! Aah! [panting]

[Stormfly screeches]

Ryker: Move out!

Dragon Hunter: What about the rider?

Ryker: Never mind! We got the dragon.

Astrid: No. Stormfly! I'll find you.

[Returns to Dragon's Edge base, Toothless growls]

Fishlegs: Still no sign of 'em? They're probably out exploring and lost track of time.

Hiccup: She's never been gone all day like this. Not without telling someone.

Fishlegs: You remember when she didn't show up for her own party 'cause she was setting up a defensive perimeter around Berk.

Hiccup: Yeah.

Fishlegs: Or the time, she decided to practice her late night axe-throwing and surprised silent Sven in the woods.

Hiccup: Yes, Fishlegs.

Fishlegs: No I don't think he recovered from that. And there was that time...

Hiccup: Thank you, Fishlegs for trying to make me feel better but this is different, there is something wrong, I can feel it.

Fishlegs: You know if anyone is equipped to survive out there, it is Astrid.

Hiccup: No you're right Fishlegs. But we're gonna find her anyway.

[Returns to Astrid who is still adrifted at sea]

Astrid: (sees it beginning to rain) Great.

[Back to the Dragon Riders]

Hiccup: We'll all go in different directions. I'll head south.

Snotlout: No I should head south!

Hiccup: And why is that?

Snotlout: Because Astrid likes to fly south and she'll be expecting me to rescue her.

Hiccup: Like I said, I'll go south.

Tuffnut: Rain, wind, all of us splitting up? Sounds like the perfect opportunity, for a rogue sea beast, to leap from the dephts of the ocean, and pick us off one... by... one.

Hiccup: Alright gang, let's go find her.

Snotlout: She's gonna be so sad, when you rescue her, instead of me.

Hiccup: Oh, don't worry I'll tell her it was all you.

Snotlout: You'd do that for me?

Hiccup: No, of course I wouldn't.

[Flies with Toothless in the south.]

Ruffnut and Tuffnut: Astrid!

[Both going in different directions, causing Barf and Belch to smack in to each other.]

Ruffnut and Tuffnut: Astrid!

[Smack again into each other]

Tuffnut: Bad dragon!

Tuffnut: Okay, new plan, I'll look for Astrid, you fly the dragon.

Ruffnut: Good idea!

Tuffnut: Astrid!

[Barf and Belch smack into each other again]

Tuffnut: Okay, okay, okay, I'll fly the dragon, you look for Astrid.

Ruffnut: Good idea!

Ruffnut: Astrid!

[Again the twins fly in different directions, and Barf and Belch crash in to each other.]

Tuffnut: Aah!

[Snotlout and Hookfang spots a lighten up cave]

Snotlout: Huh? Look! that must be her. Take us down, Hookfang.

[Hookfang flies down in the cave.]

Snotlout: Astrid! Your viking, shining, gronckle iron is here!

[Thinks it's Astrid, but finds a Typhoomerang.]

Snotlout: Aah! Not Astrid! Not Astrid! So not Astrid!

[Hookfang black smoking flies away from the cave.]

[Toothless scans the area with his hearing blast.]

Hiccup: Still nothing. She's got to be somewhere.

[Hiccup and Toothless searching the ocean, hoping to find Astrid.]

[Astrid's losing her strenght to hold on the log and let's go of it, slowly drowning in the ocean.]

[At the last second Hiccup spots her and dives in the water after her.]

[Hiccup manages to rescue her, Toothless dives in to water to get Hiccup and Astrid out of the water and flies to the Dragon's Edge.]

Hiccup: Astrid! Astrid!! ASTRID!

[Astrid wakes up in Hiccups hands.]

Astrid: What took you so long?

Hiccup: Thank Thor.

[Hiccup hugs her, and she passes out.]

[Astrid wakes up in her house and remmerbers where is Stormfly in shock.]

Astrid: Stormfly!

[All of the riders are standing in circle around her bed and watches her.]

Hiccup: Hey! It's okay, it's okay just try to relax Astrid, you had a though night.

Astrid: No no no no, you don't understand, they were all in cages... and they have Stormfly!

Hiccup: Whoa whoah whoah whoah, wait slow down, cages? What are you talking about? What happened out there?

[Astrid stares to Hiccup in schock.]

Astrid: Dragon Hunters.

[Dragon riders all are shocked hearing that.]

Hiccup: Dragon Hunters?

Astrid: A whole fleet of them.

Hiccup: And they have Stormfly?

Astrid: Yeah, this big, ugly one, oh when i get my hands on him.

Fishlegs: And welcome back.

Astrid: C'mon, lets mount up... Stormfly!

Hiccup: You can ride with me!

[Astrid smiles at Hiccup.]

[Dragon riders searching for clues for the Dragon Hunters.]

Astrid: There has to be some clues here or somewhere, something.

Hiccup: How many cages were there?

Astrid: Remember all the cages we saw on Reaper?

Hiccup: Yeah?

Astrid: Double it.

Tuffnut: We got nothing.

Ruffnut: Just a bunch of trash, look like these Dragon Hunters were also litterbugs.

Tuffnut: Yeah there should be some kind of penalty or fine for littering, I mean, am I wrong people? What if everyone were this careless and inconsiderate? What then? Huh! When would we be then?...[cries]..Oh no!

Snotlout: I new coming here was bad idea, what do want to find anyway?

[Steps on Dragon Hunters arrow merged in Dragon Root and screams.]

Snotlout: Something bit me! I'm allergic to sand crabs, they make my toes fan out, ow, ow ow ow ow, woho hough, oh look at you, rushed right over to help me, didn't you? You know what that means Astrid.

[Screams, cause arrow was pulled out of his foot.]

Astrid: This is Dragon Hunter arrow.

Snotlout: Or.. that.

Astrid: Stormfly was hit by one if this before she was cought I've never seen her act so out of control.

Fishlegs: Interesting...[smells the arrow]..unexpected..[tastes the arrow]..mmhm dangy.

Hiccup: Mind cluing us in on what dangy and unexpected mean?

Fishlegs: I'm guessing it's refine dragon root, I've heard that high concentration, overwhelm a dragon's senses to completely, making it almost impossible to them to fly.

Astrid: That's excatly what happened to Stormfly.

Fishlegs: Think of it, just one quiver of these arrows could desimate a entire flock of dragons.

Astrid: How are we gonna find her? We have no idea where they're going.

Hiccup: Maybe not, but we do know where they been.

[The Riders goes back to the Reaper to gather up some clues.]

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