Night of the Hunters, Part 2 (transcript)

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Night of the Hunters, Part 2 (transcript)
This is a transcript page for Night of the Hunters, Part 2.


(Wind is howling out in the open)

Fishlegs: Dagur is here and Heather is with him? I don't believe it.

Astrid: Trusting her turned out to be a big mistake.

Ruffnut: Yeah, who puts loyalty to their brother ahead of loyalty to their friends? Yeah right?

Tuffnut: I heard that, sister!

Astrid: The bigger question is who are these Dragon Hunters and what do they want with us?

Heather: You're about to find out.

(Dragon Hunter opens door)

Heather: Ryker wants to have a little chat with you.

(Heather pushes Astrid out of the cell)

Astrid: You're lucky these guards are here or I'd take your head off.

(Heather pushes Astrid down the corridor while other Dragon Hunter closes door and they both follow behind)

Heather: You'd try.

Astrid: After everything we did for you, took you in, taught you to ride, saved your life more than once.

Heather: And I thank you for all of that but I have to follow my destiny.

Astrid: Betraying your friends and joining these Dragon Hunter scum?

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