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Nikora Stormheart is a new villain introduced in the School of Dragons expansion "Rise of Stormheart" in August 2017.


Arrival at the Archipelago

Nikora Stormheart wanted to expand her operations for more business opportunities, so journeyed to the Barbaric Archipelago. She appears to deal in dragons, among other things. Initially she did not want any trouble, and sent Harald Forkbeard, her new underling, to tell the Dragon Riders that she has arrived and would appreciate no interference. However, if the Riders did interfere with her activities, they would face serious repercussions from her. She gave a strange statue as a sign of good faith, but to also to plant a weapon among them if needed.


Nikora Stormheart does not hesitate to take advantage of dragons to suit her needs. After Trader Johann mistakenly directs the Riders to attack a ship belonging to Stormheart, she retaliates with her planted statue. She uses Grimora venom is a gaseous form on some wild dragons, so that they attack Dragon's Edge.

Attacking the Archipelago

In an effort to establish a headquarters in the Archipelago, Nikora ransacks Johann's treasure trove in the Ship Graveyard looking for a map. She somehow gets ahold of Skulder the Archaeologist and forces him to interpret a symbolic map. The map leads to Vanaheim. There she attacks the Sentinel dragons there, looking for a lost ancient heirloom of her people. The player inadvertently finds it while diving off the coast of Vanaheim, attached to the underwater skeleton of a Luminous Krayfin. When the player resurfaces, Nikora is waiting on a Seashocker and gives the choice of swapping the heirloom for Skulder and Fishlegs, whom she captured. Snotlout and the player sneak aboard the tempest and manage to free Skulder, but Nikora is ready with Fishlegs in a cage hanging over the water. The player is forced to give Nikora the heirloom in exchange for Fishlegs' release. Instead she releases the cage which falls into the water. The player and Lumie save Fishlegs and everyone escapes.

Later, Nikora sends Harald and her soldiers to various places around the Archipelago to attack, including: Armorwing Island, Mudraker Island, Scuttleclaw Island, and Berk. All these are a diversion, however, while Nikora herself goes to Auction Island and takes over, simply by showing the heirloom. The heirloom proves that her ancestors once ruled Auction Island.

"Stormheart has assumed her rightful place as ruler. You see, her ancestors once ruled here centuries ago. When Stormheart returned with the ancestral symbol, all of Auction Island bowed to her as their leader. I'm sure many more islands in the archipelago will see the light soon enough."

Physical Appearance

Nikora has medium black hair, tied in multiple braids. She has white face paint, similar to Harald's and a blue stripe down her mouth.


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Harald Forkbeard

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III


  • She is the first female villain in a game, and the second in the Franchise. The first female villain was Skuld the Sorceress.
  • She is the second female leader seen in the Franchise, the first being Mala.
  • Her staff is similar to Valka's, except the blue orb embedded in the staff of Nikora's.
    • The staff is also similar to Loki's staff from the Marvel film The Avengers.
  • She is the first character who wears sandals instead of boots.



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