Not Lout is the fourth episode of Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 4. It was released on Netflix on February 17, 2017.


When Snotlout screws up a mission, he must learn to be a leader and earn the trust of the other riders. [1]


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Spitelout gives Snotlout bad advice at the official opening of the Jorgenson storehouse, convincing Snotlout that the others are constantly badmouthing him behind his back. Out of increasing paranoia, Snotlout tries to take a role of authority no matter what the other Riders "think". In doing so, he begins to make reckless decisions that put the other riders in danger and at odds with him when he attempts to develop himself as a worthy leader only to crack under the pressure. When the riders go on a mission to destroy the hunters' increased supply of Dragon Root, Snotlout at first refuses to go, feeling shame for failing in his attempt to take better initiative. But he discovers something that his friends don't know, and returns to save the riders from the trap that has been set. Snotlout is reassured that he will be great, but he will follow his own path instead of his father's.





  • In scene where Hiccup is scouting for Dragon Hunters, he says: "Well there's some Hunter ships down there bud, but I don't see any....wait a minute....they have a ton of arrows." Which is almost the same thing Luke Skywalker says in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope in the scene where Luke is scouting for Tusken Raiders.