Odin or Woden is the ruler of the Norse gods and Asgard. He is mentioned many times, but never makes an appearance in the books or franchise.

Woden is used in exclamations often in the Book series.

"And WHAT in the name of Woden, demanded Gobber, blanching a little, "is THIS?"
Book 1


"Odin help us . . ."
―Stoick upon seeing Red Death[src]
"Odin, it was rough, I almost gave up on you, and all the while you were holding out on me . . ."
―Stoick the Vast[src]
"By Odin's beard, Gobber . . ."
"Faster than Odin on his eight-legged horse."
Thor Bonecrusher[src]


  • Fishlegs thinks misfortune can be brought upon someone if they use Odin's name in vain, as he states in Out of the Frying Pan.
  • It is known that Odin could possibly have a beard because of the phrase "By Odin's beard."
  • Odin has an island named after him, Odin's Respite.
  • Woden has a sea named after him, Woden's Bathtub.
  • It is also stated that Odin has a eight-legged horse named Slepnir.