Odin or Woden is the ruler of the Norse gods and Asgard. He is mentioned many times, but never makes an appearance in the books or franchise.


"Odin help us . . ."
―Stoick upon seeing Red Death[src]
"Odin, it was rough, I almost gave up on you, and all the while you were holding out on me . . ."
―Stoick the Vast[src]
"By Odin's beard, Gobber . . ."
"Faster than Odin on his eight-legged horse."
Thor Bonecrusher[src]


  • Fishlegs thinks misfortune can be brought upon someone if they use Odin's name in vain, as he states in Out of the Frying Pan.
  • It is known that Odin could possibly have a beard because of the phrase "By Odin's beard."
  • Odin has an island named after him, Odin's Respite.
  • Woden has a sea named after him, Woden's Bathtub.
  • It is also stated that Odin has a eight-legged horse named Slepnir.