Old Wrinkly is Hiccup's grandfather on his mother's side. He is a soothsayer and the Hairy Hooligan Tribe's doctor. He is the one who tells Hiccup 'the world is changing' and a new generation of heroes is needed. He is very observant and watchful over Hiccup, finding out he is a friend to most dragons by spying on him. He is fluent in Latin and (against the wishes of his father) teaches it to Hiccup, saying it will "come in handy someday". He is referred to as "the thinker of the tribe" and is skilled at seeing the bigger picture of things, such as referring the Thors'day Thursday initiation as a "piddly little test", and realizes the danger of it lightening the sleep of a few very large and ancient Sea Dragons. He is usually depicted as a wise, frail old man smoking a pipe.


Old Wrinkly is very wise and loving towards Hiccup.

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  • While he has never appeared in the film franchise, an item called Old Wrinkly's Cauldron can be purchased in the School of Dragons online game. 
  • Like Valhallarama, Old Wrinkly had concept art for the film, but was later scrapped.