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      The Outcast Lands is petite archipelago made up of two small islands. The Outcast Lands is located in the Barbaric Archipelago.


The Outcast Lands is located rather close to the Isle of Berk, which is adjacent from the south. Adjacent from the east is the Mainland. Adjacent from the southeast is the Peacable Country. To the west lies the Visithug Territory, and to the northeast lies Nothing and the Frozen Isle of Nowhere.


As told in How to Break a Dragon's Heart, Historically speaking, the Outcast Lands is where people banished from their tribes were sent to, hence its name.

Around a hundred years before the events of the How to Train Your Dragon book series, Thugheart was banished here for his treachery that lead to the downfall of the Kingdom of the Wilderwest. Thugheart united all the inhabitants of the islands and formed the Treacherous Tribe, and became its first Chief.



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