Phlegma the Fierce is a female Viking who appears in the film adaption of How to Train Your Dragon. She is voiced by Ashley Jensen.

Physical Appearance

She wears a small golden horned helmet with small ringed horns point up, a green sleeveless shirt made of rough material, two round metal armored plates around her breasts over the shirt. Thick brunette hair tied up, a leather, fur and metal skirt that ends on her knees and thick foot coverings tied to her legs with thin rope much like Astrid's in the second movie.

Personality and Traits

Not much is known about Phlegma's personality due to the lack of appearances and lines she has throughout the series and movies, but her reactions from the movie towards Hiccup show that her feelings towards a person is affected by their actions.

According to School of Dragons, Phlegma likes to do woodworking as a hobby, and builds a loom frame for the School.

As noted by Johann in the expansion "Secret of the Leviathan" of the game School of Dragons, Phlegma is "a wonderful - and generous - Viking".


How to Train Your Dragon

Phlegma appeared only a few amount of times in the film. The first time was in the opening scene during the dragon raid, yelling at Hiccup on his way to the blacksmith shop when she ran past him to fight the dragons. She is later seen in the Great Hall when Stoick discussed about looking for the dragons' nest one more time before the ice set in. She is later seen greeting Stoick after his unsuccessful attempt to find the dragons' nest, congratulating him for Hiccup's skill in Dragon Training. She later joins Stoick and the other Vikings in the attack on the dragons' nest and witnesses Hiccup's victory over the Red Death.

DreamWorks Dragons: The Series

Phlegma was shown in the series Dragons: Riders of Berk and Defenders of Berk multiple times.

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Phlegma has a minor role in the sequel. She appears in the crowd watching the dragon races. She later appears alongside all the other Vikings in the final fight against Drago Bludvist. She now has her own dragon; a dark gray Gronckle.


School of Dragons

Phlegma was originally planned to be the botanist in the School of Dragons online game, but was replaced with an original character called Flora May. A few months later, Phlegma took her place. She is extensively involved in player quests, particularly those relating to botany, gardening, farming, and the environment.

In the expansion "Secret of the Leviathan", Phlegma is seen riding a Snapptrapper named Snappy. It is stated by Astrid that she became a member of the A-Team.


  • Reworked versions of her model are seen in the crowds in "Stryke Out".


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