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In the Books


The potato, also known as The-Vegetable-No-One-Dares-Name, (called that because anyone who thought America was real and the world was round was believed to be crazy) is the only cure for Vorpentitis. It can be found only in America. The potato was only found when Norbert the Nutjob's father, Bigjob, brought it back from America. However, along the way, he was killed by the Doomfang. The Hysterics had kept it on their island until Hiccup stole it to cure Fishlegs of Vorpentitis. The potato was eaten by the Doomfang on the return journey because it too had Vorpentitis. It was later found out that Hiccup himself had Vorpentitis and that Fishlegs just had a very bad cold. Later on, Hiccup managed to plant and grow potatoes on Berk so that nobody else ever died of Vorpentitis.

In Race to the Edge

A potato or several potatoes can be seen in every episode. Some are harder to find than others.

Dragon Eye of the Beholder Part 1

A woman in Berk is carrying a basket of potatoes.

Dragon Eye of the Beholder Part 2

Gobber can be seen picking up a potato.

Gone Gustav Gone

Some can be seen on the table that Gustav is eating at.

Reign of Fireworms

There are some potatoes near the table that Ruff and Tuff are eating at.


  • In Brazil Meatlug's name is "Batatao" and it means "big potato".
  • In Crushing It, Gobber said that the sun was a shiny potato. This does not officially count as a potato, however.


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