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"That was the last time anyone ever heard from those sailors, but rumors of their demise likely gave Viggo Grimborn the idea to fasten a metal, dragon hunting warship to the Shellfire's back."

Project Shellfire is a weapon that Viggo Grimborn was working on during Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 4.[2] It is a Shellfire dragon weaponized by Viggo, into a warship, against the Defenders of the Wing, Berserker Tribe, Outcast Tribe and Hairy Hooligan Tribe.


Following the Dragon Hunters numerous setbacks caused by Berk's dragon riders, Viggo Grimborn, Ryker, and their hunters started to work on the project on their secret island base. The Grimborn's and their hunters kept it secret from everyone, save for a few merchants of the Northern Markets. However, two of the riders, Ruffnut and Tuffnut Thorston inadvertently stumble across the island. While Ruff was captured, Tuff was able to steal plans for the project.[3]

Viggo and Ryker then left the island aboard their project.[3] However, Ryker and the hunters then rose up against Viggo and took control of the project. After leaving Viggo on their island, Ryker took the project to Caldera Cay and attacked the island. It then went towards the straits and to Berserker Island where it was discovered that the project was a weaponized dragon, the Shellfire.[4]




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