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The Purple Death is a giant sea dragon that first appeared in the DreamWorks franchise in the comic The Legend of Ragnarok.

Physical Appearance

This dragon is massive in size, close to that of dragons like the Screaming Death. It's so big that it has been known to cause seaquakes. This led Vikings to believe this was the Serpent of Midgard from legend, heralded to bring Ragnarok, i.e. the end of the world.

Its most notable feature is, perhaps, the long tendrils that extend from under its jaw, somewhat resembling a beard. This feature is similar to that of other sea dragons, like the Sliquifier and Shockjaw. Its body is deep purple in color.

The mere presence of this dragon is enough to greatly disturb other nearby dragons.


Formation of Seaquakes

The Purple Death is able to create massive seaquakes that can scare or agitate other dragons. These seaquakes are so large that it led people to think that it brought Ragnarok, the end of the world. Due to its size, the seaquakes could have been caused involuntarily.


This dragon is large in size and extremely strong and tough. It can withstand numerous hits from the rocks thrown from Berk's catapults and several of the gang's dragons' attacks because of its thick skin. This dragon required the combined force of Berk and the Outcasts, plus the hypnotic gaze of a trained Changewing (Phantom), to defeat it.



Legend has it that the Purple Death would emerge from the seas one day and cause Ragnarok--the Norse mythological event which signifies the end of the world. When Berk experiences tremors in The Legend of Ragnarok, the villagers believe that Ragnarok will finally dawn upon them. Meanwhile, plenty of ships are destroyed by the Purple Death and it is heading towards Berk. After a long battle with the Purple Death, Hiccup uses Phantom, the Changewing to hypnotize the Purple Death to sleep.


  • The Purple Death's fire resembles that of a Boneknapper or a Red Death.
  • The Purple Death resembles a Red Death mixed with a Submaripper. It is also especially similar to some of the earlier designs of both the Bewilderbeast and the Red Death.
  • The franchise description of this dragon is very similar to the original Norse mythological story of Ragnarok, how the day that Thor fights the sea serpent, Jormungandr, the end of the world will come.
  • Fishlegs said in the comic book that the Purple Death looks like a Leviathan class Seashocker. This is odd because the Purple Death only has one head, while a normal Seashocker has two.
  • The Purple Death is meant to be very rare, and thought to be extinct.
  • An early summary of this comic called this dragon a Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus.[1]


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