These are locations found in the game Dragons: Rise of Berk.

Lava Lout Island

Dragons - Monstrous Nightmare


With lava-rocks, lava pools, and even lava-falls, everything on this island seems to be on fire - including it's dragons! The warmth of its flames makes the Monstrous Nightmare feel right at home.

Bedrock Bluffs

Dragons - Gronckle


This island is almost entirely made out of hard, unbreakable rocks. These rocks are nearly as hard as a Gronckle's head.

Meathead Islands

Dragons - Terrible Terror


Its North and South Islands is home to the Meathead Tribe, Berk's closest allies. Well, its closest VIKING allies.

Unlandable Cove

Dragons - Scauldron, Monstrous NightmareTerrible Terror


Spiked rocks jutting out of a cloak of fog make this cove virtually impenetrable from the air. But it is the perfect refuge for the underwater Scauldron!

Raven Point

Dragons - Smothering Smokebreath


This wooded mountain top is where Hiccup and Toothless first met. Though neither one of them knew it at the time, that encounter would change the course of Vikings and Dragons forever.


Dragons - Whispering DeathGronckleTerrible Terror


Don't judge an island by its coastline! Though it may seem unthreatening when flying above, beneath Bashem's surface lays a hidden web of tunnels where the Whispering Death awaits unsuspecting Vikings.

Dragon's Nest

Dragons - Deadly NadderWhispering DeathMonstrous Nightmare


This island still holds too many secrets.

Skullien Isle

Dragons - HobblegruntScauldronTerrible Terror


This island still holds too many secrets.

Badmist Mountains

Dragons - Snaptrapper, Scauldron, Gronckle


This mountain range sits at the northern edge of Berk and is one of Toothless' favorite spots. If he's not with Hiccup chances are you'll find him here...if you can see through the thick fog!

Great West Ocean

Dragons - SnafflefangSmothering Smokebreath


Though not quite an ocean, this area is filled with salt-water bays, jam-packed with giant lakes, and over flowing with waterfalls. It's also chockfull of geodes, which means it's filled with Snafflefangs.

Horrendous Point

Dragons - Changewing, Deadly Nadder, Whispering Death


Named after the Horrendous Haddocks, this is one of the tallest peaks on all of Berk. Legend has it that any viking who falls asleep here will dream of their future.

Inner Ocean

Dragons - Shockjaw, Hobblegrunt, Smothering Smokebreath


This span of water separates Berk from the Meathead Islands. It is normally calm, but be warned! As the saying goes - when it rains it pours and when it pours be careful of the Shockjaws!

Wild Dragon Cliff

Dragons - HackatooSnafflefangSmothering Smokebreath


Wild Dragon Cliff is an important spot on any new trainer's map. This is the first place where young dragons learn to fly, and young Vikings learn to ride.

Cliff of Eternity

Dragons - Timberjack, Snaptrapper


This exceptionally tall cliff is located on Meathead Islands. Before dragons could fly them to the top, Vikings believed that it was so tall it reached Valhalla.

Isles of Doom

Dragons - Hideous ZipplebackChangewingTimberjack


This island still holds too many secrets.

Black Heart bay

Dragons - Thunderdrum, Deadly Nadder, Shockjaw


Located on the southern shores of Berk, this large bay is surrounded by giant cliffs and isles. It is the perfect habitat for the Thunderdrum who's comfortable both in and out of the water.

Eel Island

Dragons - TyphoomerangHackatooSnaptrapper


They don't call this Eel Island for nothing! Its many streams, ponds and even puddles are swarming with dragon-hate-eels. Most dragons avoid this island completely. All except the Typhoomerang, one of the few dragons

Sundering Wastes

Dragons - RaincutterShockjaw


Watch your step! Perpetual rainfall has made this island very fragile and causing it to fall apart! It is the ideal place of the Raincutter who loves zipping through rain and falling rocks.

The Long Beach

Dragons - SliquifierThunderdrum


This sandy shoreline is found on Berk's western coast, and stretches as far a the eye can see. Without much shade, it is mostly Tidal Class dragons who call this beach home.

Shivering Shores

Dragons - FlightmareChangewing


The northern winds keep this shoreline cold all year. Watch out! If the icy waters don't freeze you, the Flightmare will!

The Little Isles

Dragons - ThunderpedeTyphoomerang


This used to be one giant landmass. But the destructive nature of the Thunderpedes living here, has obliterated large chunks of it. It is now a fragmented cluster of small isles found just off of Black Heart Bay.

Caliban Caves

Dragons - HotburpleTimberjackHackatoo


Found in the northern cliffs of Berk, it's easy to get lost in this dark maze of caverns. It makes the perfect place for the Hotburple who is always looking for a dark and quiet place to take a nap.

Drenchwood Forest

Dragons - ScuttleclawSliquifierThunderpede


If it's not always raining here, it's about to! The overflowing steams and dripping vines make finding a dry spot easier said than done. If traveling by foot, make sure to bring an extra pair of wool socks!

Dragon Graveyard

Dragons - BoneknapperHideous ZipplebackThunderdrum


Scattered amongst the dark sandy beaches are the bones of forgotten dragons. But, you'd better not take one, or the Boneknapper will have a bone to pick with you!

The Woods That Howled

Dragons - RumblehornHideous ZipplebackTyphoomerang


Even those with the keenest eyesight will find it difficult to navigate through the thick fog, tangled vines and jagged rocks on this island. It's said that the howls echoing through these woods are the cries of lost Vikings...or it could be

Burned Toe Beach

Dragons - Sand Wraith


If you like strolls on the beach, you may want to find a different spot! High summer temperatures make the sand almost impossible to walk on. But, if you're a Sand Wraith, you can always take a stroll UNDER the beach.

Dagur's Ship

Dragons - Thornridge


Dagur is always up to no good! He traps Dragons and steals their Eggs in hopes of training them for his army. Sneaking on his ship, and past his traps, is the only way to save them.

Isle of Night

Dragons - StormcutterHotburpleScuttleclaw


There are no Night Furies living on this isle, it gets its name from the dark rocks and tall cliffs that keep it shrouded in perpetual darkness.

Wrecker's Reef

Dragons - SkrillFlightmareScuttleclaw


The combination of Skrill dragons and hidden reefs off this island's coast, have caused countless boats to sink. Any Viking traveling here should be a nervous wreck!

Itchy Armpit

Dragons - ShivertoothThunderpedeSliquifier


Toothless named this island during one of his and Hiccup's many explorations. It is near where they discovered Eret and his band of dragon hunters. Once teeming with wild dragons, the Shivertooth is one of the few who

Icy Wastes

Dragons - Woolly HowlStormcutterSkrill


This cluster of ice floes may be too cold for a Viking, but it's the perfect home to some very cool dragons! The sundry blizzards and plunging temperatures make this the perfect refuge for the Woolly Howl.

Sullen Sea

Dragons - SubmaripperSeashockerSweet Death


Think before paddling! Any disturbance in these calm waters will alert the Submarippers circling within. It is recommended that any Viking traveling by boat wait for the tide to drift them back out to sea.

Bloodspilt Bay

Dragons - SeashockerBoneknapperHobblegrunt


The reflection of the setting sun off its cliffs causes the water to become as red as blood. The Seashocker uses this distraction to hunt unsuspecting Vikings.


Dragons - Sweet DeathRumblehornSnafflefang


These woods hold the oldest trees in all of Berk and is thought to be enchanted. Legend has it that any Viking who cuts down one of its trees will suffer Odin's wrath.

Shadow Waters

Dragons - Tide Glider


The water is so deep in this part of the ocean that it looks like a never ending pit in the middle of the sea. The shadowed sea is the perfect playground for the Tide Glider who loves the freedom of dancing in the dark!

Fireworm Island

Dragons - Fireworm Princess


This island may seem calm from above, but step inside one of its many caves and you'll see that it's buzzing! Holding the cure for burnt-out dragons, the hanging firecombs make it look more like a beehive than a cave.

Icicle Vale

Dragons - Groncicle


This island still holds too many secrets.

Breakneck Bog

Dragons - Grapple GrounderTide GliderSand Wraith


Warning! Sudden blankets of fog have been known to envelope those who dare travel through this bog. This makes trekking through its jagged rocks and twisting vines almost impossible.

Perilous Paradise

Dragons - Sword StealerFireworm PrincessSand Wraith


This rocky island is filled with Viking swords, belts and helmets. So, it's no surprise that this island is also filled with Sword Stealers, who can't help but take these metal treasures.

Windswept Ruin

Dragons - Windstriker


This island still holds too many secrets.

Hunter Island

Dragons - Snow Wraith, Groncicle


Dragon Hunters like to come back to this island with their prize. But atop its snowy peak lurks the Snow Wraith waiting for the perfect time for vengeance.

Bog of the Loud Whisper

Dragons - SlithersongShivertooth


This island still holds too many secrets.

Overcast Island

Dragons - Thunderclaw


This island still holds too many secrets.

Melody Island

Dragons- Deathsong, Thornridge

Tender Tides

Dragons- Changewing, Stormfly's Mate

Eggsplorer's Edge

Dragons- Soaring Sidekick, Timberjack