Rock Blossoms are fictitious flowers seen in the How to Train Your Dragon Franchise.


Only the flowers of the Rock Blossom plant is seen, after Fishlegs collects them on Healer's Island. Growth requirements and habitat are unknown. The flowers, though, are five-lobed - and nearly identical to many other flowers seen in the Franchise. They do appear to come in a variety of colors: yellows, blues, pinks and oranges.


As seen in "The Eel Effect", Rock Blossom is a specific ingredient in the medicinal cure for Eel Pox, along with Dagga Plant, Buckthorn Root, Goat Weed, and Bloodvein Eel.


Dragons: Defenders of Berk

In the episode "The Eel Effect", Fishlegs finds 12 rocks Meatlug can snack on, while his dragon finds the Rock Blossoms.

"Hmm, 12 rocks for 12 rock blossoms."
―Fishlegs to Meatlug


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