The Rocket Ripper is a Riding Dragon that sided with the Vikings during the Dragon Rebellion.

Rocket Rippers have only a minor role in the Book series, but the Hooligan Novice Viking, Tuffnut Junior has one as a first riding dragon "with go-faster stripes along its sides". The Heroine Camicazi also has one named Typhoon, as indicated in The Complete Book of Dragons.

Traits and Abilities

Rocket Rippers are extremely fast flyers and are rather aerodynamically designed to pull off wild feats in the sky. They have a flat shape with little adornment of spikes or horns to reduce wind resistance. Because of their flatness, Vikings need to lay on their bellies (as opposed to the more traditional sitting position) to ride a Rocket Ripper. The Complete Book of Dragons also notes Rocket Rippers have good hearing.