Rumpus is a Thunderclaw revealed in Dragons: Rise of Berk. She appeared in How to Train Your Dragon 2 as Valka's dragon.


"This dragon is one of Berk's best searchers. But unless she is hunting for pie, she'd rather be curled up on a Viking's lap."
Dragons: Rise of Berk


Battle at Valka's Mountain

Rumpus was seen bowing to the Bewilderbeast during Valka's introduction. She then participated in the battle at Valka's mountain and ended up being controled by Drago's Bewilderbeast. She broke out of it at Berk, when Toothless challenged the dragon. She then fired at the Bewilderbeast, protecting Berk. She was last seen bowing to Toothless, showing respect for her new alpha.

Physical Appearance

Rumpus is a bright purple Thunderclaw with a pale pink underbelly. She is often seen with her tongue out as it helps her track.




  • Sense of Smell: As a Tracker Class dragon she is great in tracking and searching for objects, using her tongue as a guide to do so. However, she uses this skill to find pie to eat.



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