Defenders of the Wing Part 171

Mala holding a sagefruit

Sagefruit is a plant the Defenders of the Wing use to pacify dragons.

Physical Appearance

The sagefruit is a bright yellow to orange fruit. While it is relatively rounded, this fruit tapers towards one end and does not appear to have a pedicel or calyx.


Like Dragon nip, sage fruit calms dragons so they do not attack. However, this does not prevent them from protecting those they care about, as demonstrated with Toothless and Stormfly when they protected their riders, despite still being under the effect.


In Race to the Edge

When the gang was captured by Mala and the rest of the defenders and still unconscious, their dragons were fed sagefruit by the hooded defenders. Later on, when Hiccup was sent into the pit of Speed Stingers, Toothless overcame the effects and rushed in the protect him. Stormfly soon came to defend Astrid and the others. After seeing this, Mala was convinced that they were not Hunters and introduced them to sagefruit.


  • A plant that resembles it is seen in Imperfect Harmony. Whether it is sagefruit is unknown.
  • Sagefruit appears the School of Dragons expansion pack Return to Dragon Island. While Eret was aware of the fruits purpose, the Dragons Hunters were not.