I was willing to put up with you when you were deranged. But the minute you went willy-nilly and aligned yourself with Hiccup and the Dragon Riders, ooh, that's when I knew I had to take over. [src]
  — Savage to Dagur  

Savage is a former Outcast and was Alvin the Treacherous's top lieutenant. Halfway through Dragons: Defenders of Berk, he joined Dagur the Deranged and the Berserker Tribe. Savage returns in Dragons: Race to the Edge as Dagur's lieutenant before heading off on his own. He attempted a coup on Berserker Island, only to be thwarted by the combined forces of the Dragon Riders and the Berserkers.

Physical Appearance

Savage carries a sword with the upper part of a scabbard attached to it. His right shoulder pad is metal with three spikes on it, and his left is a large turtle shell. He wears a brown vest with tears and patches. Savage has wrappings around his left hand, and a spiked wristband on his right. He also wears a chain-mail vest made of either dragon scales or metal over a tan tunic, as well as pale red pants.


Initially, Savage is loyal to his superiors and would follow orders as well as keep his superiors alive when they are losing a battle. He sometimes questions his superiors on whether their plan is the right move, but would not hesitate to continue following orders when his loyalty is being doubted.

Following Alvin's supposed defeat, Savage and the rest of the Outcasts are willing to battle Dagur. When the Berserker Chief makes an offer between places among his ranks or death, Savage realizes that he has no choice and joins Dagur.

Savage remains loyal to Dagur after the latter escaped Outcast Island and continues his position as Dagur's second-in-command. This changed when Dagur decided to defect from the Dragon Hunters and join the Dragon Riders. Savage started to become fed up in following orders and head off on his own.

Some time after the Berserker Tribe is rebuilt, Savage is invited to join Dagur with good graces. However, Savage still holds a grudge against the Dragon Riders and starts a coup to become the new chief of the Berserkers. Savage knows that the Riders are vulnerable without their dragons and managed to separate them from each other. However, he underestimated the situation as the Riders themselves decided to take matters to their own hands and successfully defeats Savage.


Being Alvin's Second-in-command

Savage first appears in "Alvin and the Outcasts", telling Alvin to retreat in Alvin and the Outcasts. He later appears closing a door for the Outcast hall. Later in the episode, he appears with other Outcasts and Alvin while landing on Berk. His next appearance is when Alvin busts the door of Hiccup's house open and is the only Outcast to join Alvin going to the beach. He appears again when the Outcasts hold villagers hostage and throws Astrid up onto the platform on which Alvin is standing on. His last appearance is when he holds Hiccup hostage, fights the teens, and thinks they should get dragons of their own.

He next appears in "Heather Report, Part 1", while talking to Heather about her progress in retrieving the Book of Dragons. He appears again, attacking the teens on their dragons who are attempting to get the Book of Dragons back from Heather.

He had to fight a wild Gronckle in "Heather Report, Part 2" to get the Book of Dragons. He then follows Alvin around throughout the rest of the episode (as usual). In the battle with the Hooligans, Alvin actually puts Savage into a catapult and launches him at Astrid. Savage was not exactly excited by the idea, and once he knocked Astrid off of Stormfly, he fell onto a tree branch. This saved him from the fall, but then broke. He dropped painfully to the ground. He is not seen again until the end where he and Alvin decide that they do not need the book; they need Hiccup.

Savage serves as a primary antagonist in "Defiant One". He is out patrolling the island, and he eventually finds Hiccup's satchel, which Snotlout foolishly left behind. He brings it to Alvin who then orders his men to search the island. Savage later catches Hiccup in the forge, and begins to escort him to Alvin. On the way, he interrogates Hiccup and tries to intimidate him. Snotlout and Toothless attack the Outcast, and a battle insures. Savage is supported by two Outcast troops, but he is temporarily stunned when Snotlout whacks him in the face with the connecting rod. When he recovers, he charges at Snotlout from behind, but Toothless knocks him down with a small plasma blast. He gets up and tries to catch his breath, but as soon as he considers battling again he sees his three opponents standing angrily in front of him. Snotlout yells, and Toothless roars. Savage drops his weapon and runs with Snotlout mockingly chasing him. Hiccup repairs the tail, and the Hooligans escape. Savage and Alvin vent frustration at once again being beaten by a 90-pound boy.

Savage plays a relatively minor role at the end of "We Are Family, Part 1". He is the one who blows the horn to make Night Fury noises (or at least he is seen holding it). He is the one who roughly escorts the captured Hiccup into the Outcast vessel. He, Mildew, Alvin, and their captives then set sail for Outcast Island

He is first seen in "We Are Family, Part 2" walking with Alvin and the captured Hiccup towards the dragon pens. Hiccup mocks Alvin, and Savage begins to laugh at the joke, but he is quickly hit on the head by Alvin. After the crack on the skull, he angrily says, "No one thinks you're funny, boy. Now keep moving!" Under orders from Alvin, he took Hiccup's advice to improve the dragon holding cells. He notes that Alvin would look amazing flying on the back of a Night Fury. After that, he remains absent for the rest of the episode until he and Alvin "recapture" Mildew. He and the other Outcasts cheer as Alvin announces that it is a new day for the Outcasts.

Changing Sides

In "Live and Let Fly", Savage and Mildew, along with some other Outcasts, place Whispering Death eggs in one of the tunnels under Berk while Alvin created a distraction.

Savage and the Outcasts check on the eggs that have hatched on Berk in "The Iron Gronckle". One of the eggs was much larger than the others. A tunnel was seen above it, with a loud roar from inside. The Outcasts retreat out of fear. Later, he spotted Hiccup and Fishlegs and tried to shoot them down. However, thanks to Meatlug's temporary magnetism, their weapons were pulled away and crashed into the ship after Meatlug regurgitated the stones, causing their ship to sink.

In "Worst in Show", Savage returned to the tunnels under Berk, along with Alvin and Mildew, to find the eggshells, but no dragons. The three then started searching the tunnels that led to the Dragon Academy. After a few false leads, they made it there, and saw the teens showing off their Terrible Terrors. They then captured Meatlug after she found them and took her to their boat. When the Riders' first attack failed, they decided to use the Terrors. Savage saw Sneaky — Astrid's Terror — on Alvin's head and tried to hit it, but ended up hitting Alvin instead. They were soon defeated and had to drift back to Outcast Island.

Savage appeared briefly at the end of "A View to a Skrill, Part 1" with Alvin after they captured the Skrill.

After Alvin is seemingly killed in "A View to a Skrill, Part 2", Savage and the rest of the Outcasts join Dagur the Deranged.

At the end of "The Flight Stuff", Savage mentions there needs to be an execution. Dagur quickly agrees and attacks Savage. 

Savage joins Dagur in attacking Berk in "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes", after they trick Johann into selling him a Smothering Smokebreath dragons. The attack was foiled when the Dragon Riders used the Smokebreaths to defeat the armada.

In "Cast Out, Part 1", Savage tells Dagur that the dragon root test succeeded and suggests planting it on Berk among the dragons. When the plan was underway, Savage tried to stop Stoick from opening the Academy door, but Alvin kicked him out of the way. Savage soon suggested retreating as they were losing, but Dagur refused to leave empty-handed. They then captured Stoick and returned to Outcast Island.

In "Cast Out, Part 2", Savage sent Dagur's demands to Berk; Toothless for Stoick. He and the Berserkers later captured Hiccup and Toothless when they arrived. During the Screaming Death's attack, Savage attempted to flee. He was most likely imprisoned along with Dagur, the Berserkers, and Outcast traitors.

Returning as Dagur's Follower

In "Dragon Eye of the Beholder, Part 2", after Dagur takes the Dragon Eye, Savage comments that he's never seen anything like it and asks Dagur what he thinks it could be. However, Dagur snaps at him for interrupting his moment with the artifact. Savage apologies and then warns Dagur of the approaching Hiccup and Toothless who take Dagur by surprise and snatch the Dragon Eye. Dagur blames Savage for the incident and attacks him.

At the beginning of "Gone Gustav Gone", Savage supervised the Berserkers who were loading supplies from The Reaper to Dagur's ship. He later informed Dagur of Gustav's capture. As Dagur got excited at the thought of capturing Hiccup or "the girl" (Astrid), Savage asks him which of the girls he is referring to. Dagur asks confused if there is more than one girl, clearly mistaking Ruffnut for a boy.

While Dagur and Gustav discuss at a table, Savage quietly listens from behind them. When he gets annoyed by the young rider, he throws out a sword and prepares to kill him, only to be stopped by Dagur.

"Have Dragon Will Travel, Part 1"

"Have Dragon Will Travel, Part 2"

Alliance with the Dragon Hunters

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"Team Astrid"

"Edge of Disaster, Part 1"

"Edge of Disaster, Part 2"

Hunting for the Bounty

Following a very long absence in the series, Savage finally reappears in "Midnight Scrum", seeking to obtain the bounty placed by Viggo Grimborn on Hiccup's head.

Savage manages to locate Hiccup and quickly defeats Amos and Berthel, Hiccup's previous bounty hunters, throwing them overboard off their ship, before capturing Hiccup.

Savage then explains to Hiccup that he intends to take him to Viggo to gain some respect and garner the huge reward. Hiccup tries in vain to negotiate by saying that Berk will give him a bigger portion of gold in exchange for him but Savage says that he perfectly know that Berk has no more gold (as it had earlier been stolen by Viggo during the episode, "Last Auction Heroes"). Hiccup then resorts to trying to escape by jumping into the ocean, but Savage manages to pull him back and take off his prosthetic leg to ensure no more escape attempts. Suddenly, Savage falls unconscious by a dart, fired by no one other than Throk, the second-in-command of the Defenders of the Wing, who has been set by his chief, Mala, to rescue Hiccup. Unfortunately for Hiccup, Throk is defeated and knocked unconscious not long afterwards by Krogan, a hooded and masked bounty hunter and a member of Drago Bludvist's army.

Not long after Savage (as well as Throk) awakens, Stoick and the Dragon Riders arrive and immediately interrogate him. Savage then reveals that Krogan is likely heading to Sleipnir Island, where Ryker Grimborn is prepared to give the gold to anyone who manages to bring Hiccup to the Dragon Hunters. As they prepare to leave, Savage mocks Hiccup saying it was his own fault being entangled in this mess. Infuriated by this, Stoick decides to kill Savage, only to be stopped by Toothless.

Attempt to take over the Berserkers

Savage has been accepted onto Berserker Island by Dagur in "Something Rotten on Berserker Island". However, instead of settling down, Savage once again is still evil, and plans a coup to capture Dagur, take over and lead the Berserkers, instead of always being a follower. The plan fails and he is placed in prison.

Abilities, Skills, and Talents

  • Combat: Savage appears to be a highly skilled combatant, for he is able to overpower both Amos and Berthel before tossing them overboard single-handedly.
  • Manipulation: Savage is able to manipulate some of the Berserkers to join his coup in order to overthrow Dagur.


Alvin the Treacherous

Dagur the Deranged



  • Savage is one of the few characters to have brown eyes.
  • Savage was a bit of a suck-up to Alvin as well as Dagur, mostly out of fear of both. It appears he is a suck-up to any leader that he follows. This changed when he declared his independence during the events of “Midnight Scrum”.
  • In Dragons: Race to the Edge, Savage is clean-shaven, compared to past seasons, in which he has a stubble beard. This makes him one of three adult Vikings to have their appearance change; the others being Stoick the Vast and Spitelout Jorgenson.
  • It is unknown why Savage continued to work for Dagur after the end of Dragons: Defenders of Berk.
    • A possible reason is that Savage knows that Alvin the Treacherous wouldn't forgive his former second-in-command.
  • Savage is the only villain introduced in Riders and Defenders of Berk who remains a villain throughout both series and Dragons: Race to the Edge; Johann was technically a villain throughout this entire period as well but was not revealed as a villain until "Sins of the Past".

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