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Scarers featured in How to Break a Dragon's Heart and live in the Woods that Howled on Berserker Island.

Even though they would be quite effective for the Dragon cause, Scarers remained un-involved in the Dragon Rebellion.

Traits and Abilities

Scarers very much look like dragonized bats. They are small, blind, and have poor hearing. Their sense of smell is excellent, and can detect fear-induced adrenaline in a victim's bloodstream.

Traveling in "thick, cloudy black swarms called flutters", Scarers will flit about at night sniffing for a fearful victim. Because their senses are otherwise dull, they will crawl all over the victim sniffing. This causes even more fear-induced adrenaline in the hapless victim. Once a victim is identified, Scarers will drink their blood containing the prized adrenaline.



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