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      The Sea-Known-As-Woden's-Bathtub or just Woden's Bathtub, is a small sea located in the Barbaric Archipelago.


The Sea-Known-As-Woden's-Bathtub is located in between the Meathead Islands, the Peaceable Country, the Mazy Multitudes, and an unnamed island. The eastern side is bordered with the unnamed island, the southern side with the Mazy Multitudes, the western side with the Meathead Islands, and the northern side with the Peaceable Country. The Summer Current runs through the Sea-Known-As-Woden's-Bathtub.


In How to Speak Dragonese, the Pirate Training Progam sails in Woden's Bathtub when they're being tought by Gobber the Belch how to board enemy ships.

In How to Ride a Dragon's Storm, Stoick the Vast and Big-Boobied Bertha plot to have Madguts the Murderous sail through Woden's Bathtub as their victory prize during the Friendly Intertribal Swimming Race.



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