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The Shadow Wing is a large dragon species that appears in Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 4. It is known as the aircraft bomber of the dragon world.

Physical Appearance

The Shadow Wing is a large green dragon with wide jaws, body, and wings akin to that of a bomber plane. Its legs are also quite stocky, and it has spaced out triangular spines that run along its back. The Shadow Wing's head also slightly resemble a whale's and a snapping turtle's as well.



The Shadow Wing is intelligent enough to give the Small Shadows protection and cooperate with them to take down any potential threat.

Bomber Formation

The Shadow Wing's most iconic feature is its tendency to gather Small Shadows to attach to its wings, firing blasts in rapid succession while the Shadow Wing acts as a giant carrier. In this formation, the Shadow Wing gains massive frontal prowess, and can annihilate almost anything that got caught in the hail of molten explosives.


The Shadow Wing can produce a powerful roar that can disorientate its enemies and affect its surroundings. The roar is also a signal for Small Shadows to attach to the larger dragon's wings to create their iconic bomber formation.


The Shadow Wing can carry the weight of ten Small Shadows on its wings easily with no signs of struggle. Its strong enough to tail whip Toothless enough to make the tail fin to be unable to fly for short time.

Speed and Agility

Unlike its younger kind, they aren't as fast or agile to keep up with faster dragons like Toothless the Night Fury.

Behavior and Personality

IMG 4510

The Shadow Wing flying after Hiccup and Toothless while two Small Shadows are holding onto Toothless' wings

The Shadow Wing is a powerful and fearsome dragon that forms a symbiotic relationship with Small Shadows. It usually relies on Small Shadows to do its work, but it will take matter to its own claws.


  • It is possible that the reason why Shadow Wings need Small Shadows is because they are not really great hunters and require the help of the smaller, faster dragons in order to survive.

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