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Sheep are animals who are always present in Berk. They are bred for wool, meat, and usually just their company and companionship. The Vikings are willing to do a lot to protect them.


After arguing with Stoick and the other Vikings in Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon, Gobber is leaving with his sheep named Phil.

Sheep are not really known for their intellect. In Animal House, the sheep (along with the other livestock) make peace with the dragons. Before, they were really afraid of them and just collapsed now that dragons started being more prolific on the island. In How to Start a Dragon Academy, Hiccup ran after a flaming sheep that was accidentally ignited by a dragon.

In Worst in ShowMeatlug is seen with a sheep she likes to toss around with Fishlegs. The sheep doesn't seem to mind this, or being in Meatlug's mouth.

Sheep are also used in games like the Thawfest and Dragon Racing. In Thawfest, it is revealed that carrying sheep on one's back and running towards a finish line is an event at the Thawfest games. This event appears to be rather challenging.

In Dawn of the Dragon Racers and How to Train Your Dragon 2, sheep are used for points in Dragon Racing. A white sheep is worth one point, while the one and only black sheep is worth ten. It's shown that Berk's sheep continue to not fear dragons or mind being carried around in their mouths: they just don't like being snatched from the ground at high speed and will thus run away if targeted for Dragon Racing.


Notable Sheep


  • The same model used for the How to Train Your Dragon movie sheep was used in the Penguins of Madagascar movie.
  • The four sheep appeared along with Oh in the DreamWorks' Home movie poster.


Snotlout Holding Sheep
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