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Shortwing Squirrelserpents are very common Tree Dragons, seem all over the Barbaric Archipelago. They mimic mammalian squirrels in their function and behavior.

Shortwing Squirrelserpents are not actually part of the story, unlike their flighted relatives, the Lesser-Spotted Squirrelserpent. The later plays a minor role in A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons.

Traits and Abilities

Shortwing Squirrelserpents have wings that are for the most part, vestigial. The wings can be used for short-distance gliding from tree to tree, and are also used to put out fires these dragons might cause. Instead, their tails end in a hook to anchor themselves to branches and move around in the trees, similar to what you might imagine a monkey or even opossum doing.

These dragons are plentiful and fairly low on the food chain, being a frequent prey animal. They are primarily insectivores, but will also eat small mammals.

Shortwing Squirrelserpents are also a social species. They vocalize with chirps, have special calls to each other, form teams to fight fires, and appear to rear their offspring in marsupial-like pouches, as seen in one small depiction.

In How to Break a Dragon's Heart, Squirrelserpents are mentioned briefly (the exact species is not specified) as having a taste for honey as well.

"Every now and then, they came across . . . a Squirrelserpent, surrounded by a buzz of furious insects, its muzzle covered with honey."
How to Break a Dragon's Heart



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