Skulder the Archaeologist, or simply known as the Archaeologist, is a game character in School of Dragons. Nearly all of his roles are in the expansion packs.


The Archaeologist grew up on Berk, but insead of wanting to fight dragons, he had a natural curiosity to explore new lands.

He left Berk some time before the events of the first film.

Icestorm Island

You first meet the Archaeologist after a snow storm on Icestorm Island. He is at first afraid of your dragon, unaware of the fact that Berk now trains them. Even so, he keeps his distance.

You help him explore Icestorm Island, gathering artifacts and learning about its ancient civilization.

Near the end, the two of you discover a hidden chamber with treasure, and a mysterious lens. You take it all but leave the lens behind.

Call of the Death Song

The Achaeologist visits Berk during the invasion of the Death Song. Remembering the lens from Icestorm Island, he uses it with the Dragon Eye, getting more information about the Groncicles.

The two of you head out to Melody Island, where he has been to before, hoping to get more information about the Death Song. The Achaeologist is attacked by the Mystery Class dragon and trapped in its amber. The player frees him and discover a Dragon Eye lens for the Tidal Class.

Battle for the Edge

You meet up with the Acheologist again on Mudraker Island, where a lone Mudraker has taken an interest in him. The Archaeologist decides to train the dragon and names him Muddie. However, the dragon covers his dig site in mud and takes his pickaxe. While he is mad at first, the Archaeologist soon realizes that Muddie was just playing. To help calm Muddie down, the player brings Bing, Bam, and Boom to play with him, but only causes ruckus. The Archaeologist doesn't get mad though, and expects the dragons will tire out.

After being tricked by Harald Forkbeard, the Dragon Riders suspect the Archaeologist is working with him. However, the Archaeologist is trapped in a cage and reveals to the Riders that Forkbeard is a dastardly pirate who lies his way into trusting others, then steals from them. The Archaeologist helps spread the word on Forkbeard so he can't trick anyone else.

Return to Dragon Island

When a mysterious fog appears around the school, Skulder is affected by it and taken to Dragon's Edge. He asks you to talk to Heather about it to figure out what it is.

After Harald sold a tooth from the Red Death to Hunters on Auction Island, claiming it had the magic to turn dragons to stone, Skulder comes with you to check it out. Turns out, the "stone dragons" are actually fossils. Skulder tries to explain this to the shopkeeper, but the fossils are stolen and he blames the Archaeologist for it. The player finds the fossils aboard a Hunter's ship and saves Skulder from being pelted with rotten fruit.

Skulder joins you when you go to Dragon Island to investigate the fog. There you discover Harald, who Skulder threatens to throw his shovel at. Keeping an eye on the pirate, you all explore the inside of the island, and discover the Green Death, and Skulder finds a build up of volcanic rock in the corona that has caused a release of sulfur dioxide. Eventually, you fix the problem, but Skulder expresses his disappointment that Harald has gotten away again.

Secret of the Leviathan

Dragons Trained


With his dragon, Muddie.

  • Muddie (in Battle for the Edge)
  • Snappy (used briefly in Secrets of the Leviathan)


  • Skulder is the first new character created in School of Dragons since the game's release.
  • Skulder's name was revealed in the quest Fishing for the Ages, almost a year since his first appearance. It is also the first quest he is a part of that isn't in an expansion pack.


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