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"Nothing short of catastrophe can stop or delay a Slalom Sled once it's in motion."
Gobber the Belch[src]

The Slalom Sled is a transportation device used by the people of Chilblain for easy transport on snow and ice.

Physical Appearance

These sleds are made from wood and have a small carved dragon head at the head it. It has a rather large storage section at the end of the one-seater at the back end of the sled. Unlike most sleds, the Slalom Sled has a large spinning wheel at the rear end of the sled, which helps propel the sled forward.


Efficient, sturdy and quickly, the Slalom Sled is a great model of transporting huge shipments in bulk to far off places in harsh winters and slippery ice.


Gobber introduces the Slalom sled in "Snowmageddon", boasting about how this Chilblainian device worked amazingly in the harsh winter. He remarked that it was rare for any shipments to be late, however, their recent order of ores was no where to be seen. Hiccup later sees the wrecked sled when they headed to Chilblain.



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