The Slitherwing is a Mystery Class dragon that appears in Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 5.

Official Description

"Giant winged snakes with venomous scales and fangs, Slitherwings are truly the stuff of nightmares!
As if one Slitherwing wasn’t deadly enough, the poisonous dragons tend to hunt in packs. Like regular snakes, a Slitherwing’s bright coloration indicates its venom level. The more colorful the Slitherwing, the deadlier the attack. These oversized serpents slither at top speeds, sedate prey with the toxins in their bites, and drag them back to their pit for dinner. Equally aggressive against Vikings and dragons, Slitherwings fear only one thing: Fire.

Physical Appearance

Hatchling to Adult

The Slitherwing resembles a giant snake with its long, snake-like body. Its body has a bright, brilliant coloration and pattern that serves as an indication and possible a warning to it being highly venomous and poisonous, much like some species of snakes, amphibians and fish. It has big fangs and teeth that are filled with venom. Unlike a snake however, it does not have a forked tongue. The Slitherwing also has big, sharp spines on the top of its head.


Venom and Poison

The Slitherwing is both highly venomous and highly poisonous. The toxins that it produces is fatal to a human and possibly dragons as well, and is said to sedate its prey, making it defenseless. The poison that is found on the Slitherwing's skin can be quickly absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream of the victim, which then causes negative reactions to the body, and can kill a human within one month if not treated with an antidote, as Fishlegs said " You touch one and you are dead by the next moon."

Skin Coating


The powerful toxin that the Slitherwing secretes on its skin is used to coat the entire body of the Slitherwing, which is why one touch from any part of its body could be fatal. The thick skin coating also protects the dragon from substances applied to it, such as Death Song amber. The amber is unable to stick to the Slitherwing, rendering a Death Song attack useless.

Poison Spilling

The Slitherwing also has the ability to poison its victims by spilling the toxin directly from its body. The poison exists in liquid form, so it can be easily secreted and spilled off the body of the Slitherwing. It also appears that with the ability to spill its poison from its body, it is able to shoot the poison at its victims, notably from its tail.

Venom Spitting

Slitherwing spitting venom

A Slitherwing spitting venom.

The Slitherwing also has the ability to spit its venom from its mouth at potential victims. This ability is similar to how different species of spitting cobras can spit venom from their fangs. Though not having any firepower, the Slitherwing can still fire a substance from its mouth. The venom and poison the Slitherwing produces appears to be the same toxin, so if the venom is spit on its prey, the venom can act as a poison by being absorbed into the bloodstream.


Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 5

This dragon made its debut in the episode No Dragon Left Behind. When the riders went to find Garffiljorg a new home, they went to Slitherwing Island, unknowing about the venomous dragons.


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