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Smothering Smokebreath|
Smoke hero
Dragon Information:
Dragon Type: Smothering Smokebreath
Habitat: Caves
Weakness: Attracted To Metal, eel, dragon root, screaming deaths scream, blue oleander, and dragon nip
Trainable: Yes
Danger Level: Dangerous
Dragon Tip: -- Hive them any type of shiny metal things to them then they will leave you alone
Dragon Features:
Dragon Color: Dark and Light Grey
Notable Features: Yellow Eyes, Skull-like Head and smoke like tail.
Size: Small
Length: 2.5 meters (8 feet)
Dragon Stats:
Dragon Class: Mystery Class
Fire Type: Smoke and fire like a welding torch
Special Abilities: Veil of Smoke
Attack Level: 9
Speed Level: 8
Armor Strength: 3
Firepower: 14
Shot Limit: 5
Venom: 0
Jaw Strength: 3
Stealth: 17
Chronological Information:
First Appearance: Book of Dragons
Last Appearance: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
The Smothering Smokebreath is a new species of dragon that is only slightly larger than the Terrible Terror. He appeared in episode 17 'Breakneck Bog' in Dragons: Riders of Berk.

Appearance Dragon

The Smothering Smokebreath is approximately the same size as a dreadful Terror, maybe a little bigger, and it is entirely gray. The mouth is almost as big as his body, and has no discernible neck. He has short, stubby legs and a wingspan equivalent to over twice its body length. Its tail is long, thin and very spiky. It is the first species of dragon known where all members share colors and markings (the Night Fury is technically a stranger on this subject, since only one has been seen) identical or nearly identical.


This Dragon can create a veil of smoke to hide from enemies or victims. Because of this ability, it was thought to be a kind of "Fog Monster" and became legendary, to the point that, although the book of dragons had information about it, Fishlegs believed it was just a myth. It is classified as a class Dragon Mystery. Although smoke usually breathe, can breathe a very hot fire, since it is capable of melting metal in a matter of moments. A large swarm may appear as a smoke cloud look strange. The Book of Dragons in Wild Skies says the smoke is pumped out of your skin.

Smokebreaths choking have the particularity to collect treasures and "shiny things" to merge them together in their nests in order to defend themselves from other dragons. They often go to extremes to collect treasure, as shown when they all formed a cloud of smoke and chased the riders for their metal things.
Smothering smokebreath1
The original Smothering Smokebreath page for the Book of Dragons in Wild Skies
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Another of its characteristics described in the book of dragons is that they are very territorial. A group of them live in caves on an island called "Breakneck Bog" (which is the thumb of five islands that look like a hand).

These creatures hunt in complete stealth. Hidden by the smoke, they surround their prey and close until he can not see anything, so they attack.

A single Smokebreath by itself is relatively of little consequence, but an entire swarm of them is powerful enough to tear apart a fleet of Berserker ships or bring the Isle of Berk to the brink of defeat by stripping it of nearly all the metal available.


How to Train Your Dragon (film)

Not appeared.

Dragons: Riders of Berk

The Smothering Smokebreath appeared in episode Breakneck Bog, everbody is believed to be haunted by some kind of "Fog Monster". the Riders found unconscious Trader Johann on a wooden plank. He says he was attacked by the monster Fog. When they investigate they discover the swamp Johann merchant ship on top of a tree. After the ship drops the monster chases Fog dragons and their riders. They are revealed to be Choking Smokebreaths after the dragons used their wings to clear the smoke. Then the Riders and Dragons its withdrawal.

A little later they see the dragons welding metal objects along with their fire to build her nest and Hiccup is also present in the cave. Fishlegs says they do it to protect themselves from larger dragons. Using bright gold necklace Snotlout he had found at the beginning of the episode to distract the Dragons Hiccup escapes and recovers the box that was on the boat the merchant Johann. Dragons and Riders chased them fell all their metal objects that dragons have taken and returned. A dragon attacked Hiccup's prosthetic leg but Fishlegs attacked and turned back, but is still afraid of him. Then the Riders and Dragons returned safely to Berk .

Dragons: Defenders of Berk

In Smoke Gets in Your Eyes , Johann buy a junk pile of a Beserker, which then sells to Gobber. Unknown to them, there was a Smokebreath nest in it, and soon the dragons were to take all metal Berk. Shortly after the village was almost comepletely stripped of its metal, including weapons, Dagur  and his fleet were making they're way to Berk. Fortunately, Hiccup and the other Riders were able to attract Smokebreaths to the vessels, where they took the metal, causing them to sink. After the metal was recovered, the dragons were later taken to Breakneck Bog, courtesy of Johann ship.

Book of Dragons

A group of Smothering Smokebreaths can be seen in How to Train Your Dragon Book of Dragons short, once Gobber opens the book. (They are in the upper right corner just behind the big, gray, unknown dragon, which could be another Seadragonous Giganticus Maximus.)



  • The Smokebreath is one of class mystery  dragons Wild Skies , along with Changewing . He is also the only Wild Skies dragon to be displayed in groups.
  • It was speculated in to be in a Halloween episode, but it was not.
  • The Smothering Smokebreath is similar to a bat and a magpie, because a bat likes to live in caves and in large groups, and magpiese like to collect shiny objects to build their nest.
  • The original image of the Old Skies Smokebreath looks much like a Monstrous Nightmare, but when the dragon was released in the game's image in the book was changed to coincide with the dragon. It is possible that this was a concept of art, but the designers decided to change it because it was too similar to that dragon.
  • It is similar to the Terrible Terror as they travel in groups, small size, and they bring objects together. This is seen when two of them try to snatch Tuffnut.
  • While a whole group of them appearing, the Smothering Smokebreath is the only known species not to have differences in color (besides the Night Fury).
  • It would be logical that Smothering Smokebreath is extremely rare, this is evidenced by Fishlegs thinking they were a myth.
  • It is the second dragon to doubt its existence. The first was the Boneknapper .
  • These dragons may have been the reason for the fog around Dragon Island , but this was not confirmed.
  • Both appearances were Smothering Smokebreaths the 17th episode of the season and scored Trader Johann them.
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