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Sneezlehunch is an exclusive Snifflehunch who first appeared in Dragons: Rise of Berk.

Official Description

"Achoo! The Sneezlehunch can't always control it's icy-sneeze blast. It's a good thing you can always hear it coming!"


Sneezlehunch is purple in color, with blue stripes going from it's head to it's tail. Its belly is yellow, and it has little growths on its back that resemble those of a Hideous Zippleback.


According to the game, this dragon sniffs around and sneezes from time to time. As a Snifflehunch, it is very curious.

Skills and Abilities

Ice-sneeze blast: Along with his name, this dragon sneezes every now and then, but it's no hiccup. It's a freezing blast. Although Snifflehunches are known to have a fire sneeze in Rise of Berk, this dragon has an ice blast.


  • The Sneezlehunch is the only Tracker Class dragon whose abilities are focused on ice and cold temperatures. This could be a reference to the fact that many people get sick during the winter, and many sicknesses involve sneezing, which the Snifflehunch as a species is known to do.

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