Snub-Nosed Hellsteethers are a type or species of Hellsteether seen in "The Complete Book of Dragons" and briefly in How to Fight a Dragon's Fury, fighting on the side of Furious in the Dragon Rebellion.

Traits and Abilities

Hellsteethers' singular feature are their double jaws. They have an exterior mouth that looks rather ordinary in a short snout, but inside is another set of jaws that can extend forward to grab prey.

Additionally, Snub-Nosed Hellsteethers can spit acid as well as having acidic blood. They have poor eyesight, yet have hypnotic powers, according to the Dragon Key in "The Complete Book of Dragons. They do have an excellent sense of smell. The Dragon Key also indicated Hellsteethers can shoot missiles or lasers, but doesn't specify which (or both).

"The Complete Book of Dragons" also indicates that because of a Snub-Nosed Hellsteether's poor eyesight, rapid zig-zagging motion can disorient them. They also have a vaguely described weak spot inside their mouths.


There is a second species of Hellsteether, this dragon is seen at the beginning of the Complete book of dragons. This dragon does not have a snub nose and is a blood red rather than a sea green. This could be species related or just a coincidence.


  • In the beginning of the complete book of dragons, there is a Hellsteether that does not have a Snub-Nose, but still has the second pair of jaws.