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Snuffnut is a Changewing who was presumed to have eaten Tuffnut in the episode Snuffnut.

Physical Appearance

Snuffnut looks like any ordinary Changewing. He is red in color with yellow wing edges.

Behaviour and Personality

Unlike most Changewings, Snuffnut didn't try to fly away from the riders. He even let Ruffnut paint his belly. However, he didn't let Throk ride him, showing that he is still a wild dragon.


Becoming Ruffnut's new "Brother"

When Throk wants to make Ruffnut his bride, Tuffnut fakes his death, making the riders believe he was eaten by a Changewing, so that Ruffnut can go with Throk. Instead, Ruffnut paints Tuffnut on the Changewing's belly and names him Snuffnut, making him her new brother. However, Snuffnut attacks her, only to be saved by Throk who gives the dragon fish.

While talking to Fishlegs and Snotlout, Throk realizes that he must train Snuffnut in order to earn Ruffnut's heart. Throk jumps on Snuffnut's back in order to ride him, but the dragon tries to get rid of him while flying through the air. His pack aids him in the fight and another Changewing almost kills Throk. Fortunately, he is saved in time by Hiccup. However, because of the painting, Snuffnut can't camouflage completely and is not accepted by the pack. Then, Ruffnut and Tuffnut lure him in a waterfall where his painting is washed up and he return to his pack which leaves the Edge camouflaged.


  • He is the second Changewing trained, the first being Phantom.

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