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Speedifist is a young Viking from the How to Train Your Dragon book series.

Official Description

"Like his friend Tuffnut, Speedifist is an excellent Warrior-in-Training, very skilled and strong at fighting. He is also the fastest runner in the Tribe. Speedifist and Tuffnut are firm friends – although they are also very competitive, so they can waste time fighting each other rather than the enemy. Tuffnut Junior and Speedifist will follow Snotlout’s lead, but if Snotlout gets too bossy both boys can get rebellious. Speedifist’s Riding-Dragon is a Swiftglider, as fast and as quick as its rider. Speedifist’s hunting dragon is also an Eaglefly."
―Official Book series Website


Dragon Initiation Program

Speedifist is one of the Hairy Hooligan Novice Vikings. Though his experiences were not discussed in Book 1, Speedifist evidently grabbed an Eaglefly from the Dragon Nursery, to train as a Hunting dragon.


Not much is mentioned of Speedifist's personality, though in the presence of Snotface Snotlout his can get a bit mean. He has teased Hiccup, especially about Toothless.

Physical Appearance

Speedifist is notably the only Viking in the Book series with a darker complexion. He is described as being fast and strong, so he may have a muscular body. He has helmet with four straight horns.



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