Squealers are a species of dragon seen in How to Cheat a Dragon's Curse. These slimy dragons only move if it's life or death situation. Due to the Squealers' squealing, Vikings use them as a living alarm system.

To Note: There is some discrepancy between the Dragon info card and The Incomplete Book of Dragons, versus the "Viking Dragons and there Eggs" info sheet.

Traits and Abilities

Squealers are strange slug-like creatures who are so lazy they have developed an interesting method of stunning their prey by screaming. Squealers have no legs, so lie on their backs and gently wave their extremely long nails in the air. The moment anything touches their up-right nails, the Squealers let out a piercing shriek that can stun its victim, or even kill smaller animals. The Squealers then rapidly devour the dead or stunned creature, stripping it to the bone in 60 seconds.

Their wings are only vestigial and cannot fly.

Their eggs are exactly the same size, shape, and consistency as rabbit poop, but with an extra long nail growing out the top.


How to Cheat a Dragon's Curse

Squealers are seen guarding Norbert the Nutjob's father Bigjob. Hiccup accidently released them and they ate Bigjob.




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