Steeltrap is a Deadly Nadder who was fighting in an arena along with other dragons until Hiccup and the riders set them free.

Physical Appearance

Steeltrap looks like a normal Deadly Nadder but with a lot of scars from fighting. He is turquoise with pink feet, belly and nose. He has blue and red wings with some blue spots. His tail has blue and red stripes. His eyes are red.


Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 3

Stryke Out

Steeltrap was first seen fighting with Whip-Slash when Ryker was visiting Arena Host.

When Hiccup was captured, Whip-Slash and Steeltrap threatened him but he tell Toothless to not attack them because they're starving, injured and scared. Later, after Hiccup tamed Whip-Slash, Steeltrap try to attack him but Hiccup stayed in the blind spot and scratched the dragon under the chin, confronting him. Then, Steeltrap and Whip-Slash tried to melt the manacle tight from the tail of the Fighter Razorwhip but failed.

After the riders came in rescue and Toothless befriended the Triple Stryke, Hiccup let Steeltrap and the fighter Razorwhip to attack the hunters. Then Steeltrap and the other captured dragons flew free to unknown locations.

Dragons: Rise of Berk

Steeltrap appears in this game along with Whip-Slash as titan-winged champion dragons

Skills and Abilities

Strength and Combat

Steeltrap was able to fight many times due to his scars. He fought with Whip-Slash and some hunters showing that he can use very well the Spine-Shot.

Endurance and Stamina

Steeltrap took a tail-slash from a Monstrous Nightmare in the head and was still able to fight.


  • Beside the eyes, Steeltrap looks exactly the same as Scardian.
  • Steeltrap is the only Deadly Nadder with red eyes.

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