The Stinger is an original dragon from the How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular. As such it has not made any appearance in other media.

Physical Appearance

Only baby Stingers have been seen, and even then, they are remarkably big, similar in size to a Skrill (the How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular model). In overall physical contexture, the Stinger has a similar body to the Deadly Nadder, with just two legs and two wings. Unlike the Nadder, the Stinger doesn't have tail spikes but instead it has two small stingers on the end of its tail. On its back it has a row of about seven spikes of varying sizes between its head and its tail. Crowning its head, this dragon has a row of eleven spikes organized in a symmetrical disposition. Other than this, the dragon has several spikes in its head in different parts, two of which are in its nose and its chin.



Not much is said about the Stinger, except for the fact that it has a three-pronged stinger at the tip of its tail, much like the Speed Stinger and Triple Stryke.


How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular

This dragon plays a minor role in the show. One of its few appearances is right before the Vikings from the academy face the Gronckle for the first time. In this scene, the Vikings are shown to have a hard time fighting baby dragons, one of which is the Stinger.


  • It is possible the Stinger was inspired by the Speed Stinger drawing in the Book of Dragons in the first movie.
  • The Stinger is, together with the Speed Stinger, the only Dragon to resemble a featherless Dinosaur.
  • Seeing how the Stinger has many things in common with the Speed Stinger, it is possible that the Stinger belongs to the Sharp Class.
  • Other then the Speed Stinger, the Stinger also is quite possibly related to the Scuttleclaw due to their similarities in body build, that is assuming the Stinger is actually of the Sharp class.
  • With the Egg Biter and the Gobsucker currently appearing in Dragons: Rise of Berk, it is possible that the other Arena Spectacular dragon, the Stinger, will also eventually appear in the game.

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