The Stink Dragon is a Bog Dragon first described in A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons. The Stink Dragon is notable for its similarity to a skunk. In fact one could call it the skunk of the dragon world.

Stink Dragons remained un-involved in the Dragon Rebellion.

In the How to Train Your Dragon novella The Day of the Dreader, the Dreader sea dragon turned out to be a Stink Dragon, though clearly not the same as the Stink Dragon mentioned here. Perhaps they are related.

Traits and Abilities

The Stink Dragon is a beautiful, bright orange dragon with big black stripes. This coloration is a warning that says to potential predators 'I am here and I am extremely formidable' or 'remember what I look like because you never want to mess with me.' Anyone who encounters this small dragon would be wise to avoid it. Its greatest weapon is a stench so loathsome that makes anyone who smells it keel over in a faint or feel really nauseous. If it is disturbed or if it feels threatened it will open its mouth and spray a mist/liquid with pin-point accuracy that drenches its victim. This leaves the victim smelling bad enough for nobody to come near them for a week, and for 48 hours the smell is so awful and loathsome it is almost impossible to come near him. Stink Dragons are not very big, or strong, or all that fast, but that is because they do not need to be. Their stench is unpleasant enough to ensure that any animal (including humans!) with a sense of smell will not approach them. Nobody fears death at the claws of this dragon, but everyone fears this animal's stink defense. They see them coming and they run for cover.

In keeping with their stinky defenses, Stink Dragons lay and incubate their eggs in fresh steaming dragon poo.

A Stink Dragon's stinky goo can be carefully extracted from a hibernating individual. Hiccup does so in How to Seize a Dragon's Jewel for use as part of a disguise.

It is possible Stink Dragons also come in a white and black variety, as mentioned in How to Break a Dragon's Heart.

"Every now and then, they came across the startled black-and-white face of a stink dragon."
How to Break a Dragon's Heart




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