Stoick was seen to use several axes. His first and his second axes was seen in the series. Ownership of the third is implied during the second movie.

Thor Bonecrusher (Fishlegs) took the first axe from Stoick and took it with him to defeat a Scauldron in the sea in the Race To The Edge episode Big Man on Berk. While fighting in the sea, Fishlegs accidentally dropped the axe in the sea, and the axe was lost.

His second axe was shown in the Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 3 episode, Turn and Burn.

However, in How to Train Your Dragon 2, Stoick was seen to be using his new axe. His new axe is more intricately designed than the old one.


  • In The Serpent's Heir, it is shown that the place in Stoick's house where his axe usually stays is empty, hinting that either it remained on the battlefield at Valka's Mountain or it was put on Stoick's boat during his funeral.

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