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Stoick the Vast is the chief of the Isle of Berk, the husband of Valhallarama, and the father of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III in the How to Train Your Dragon book series.

Official Description

"This is Hiccup's father. As you can see, he is tough but not all that bright."
―Official Book series Website


Toothless Daydream

After Hiccup's new hunting dragon, Toothless, wakes up from Winter Hibernation, he gets to see him for the first time. Stoick notes how very small Toothless is. To help Hiccup save face in front of his father, Fishlegs creates a story, indicating that Toothless is actually a rare Toothless Daydream dragon. In addition, Toothless is from a royal lineage from King Daggerfangs. This story of a rare, exclusive, and royal dragon puts Stoick's mind at ease that the son of a chief does not have such an ordinary dragon after all.

Thor'sday Thursday

Stoick enjoys the festivities of Thors'day Thursday, eating and placing bets. Hiccup is also to appear in the Final Initiation Test with Toothless and become a full member of the tribe. However, when the Viking Initiates' dragons run amok, he was included in an Elder Huddle to decide their fate. Since the initiates failed to demonstrate control over their dragons, the Elder Huddle decided to exile all of them, even Hiccup. Stoick experiences much internal conflict about that decision.

"Stoick had not slept at all. He had lain awake worrying. What kinf of father did put his precious Laws before the life of his son? But then what kind of son would fail the precious Laws that his father had looked up to and believed in all his life?"
―Book 1

Dealing with the Green Death

After an unsettling night, Badbreath the Gruff informs Stoick that two extremely large dragons have arrived on the shores of Berk, the Green Death and an Unnamed Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus. Stoick looks for himself and found that the Green Death had eaten the other dragon. He convenes a Council of War with the Big Drums, and spends a large amount of time trying to figure out what to do with the large dangerous dragon. Tactics include yelling at it, and seeking guidance from Old Wrinkly and also the How to Train Your Dragon. Later he asks Hiccup to speak with the Green Death to see if it comes in peace or war. The dragon replies that he comes in peace, but will eat everyone anyway.

After some more brainstorming, Stoick arrives at the Dragon's location just in time to see Hiccup being tossed into the Green Death's mouth. By the brave actions of Toothless, the Green Death sneezes out a still-alive Hiccup. Hiccup is unconscious and Stoick moves to protect his son with his life and shield. The Green Death tries to breathe fire and incinerate them, but as Hiccup had plugged up his fire-holes, the gasses build up and the Green Death explodes. Stoick sees a talon flying through the air aimed right at Hiccup and throws up his shield with quick reflexes and saves his son from being impaled.

Search for Grimbeard's Treasure

The Viking Novices bring back a coffin that was floating in the sea and ran into the ship the novices were practicing 'Swordfighting at Sea' on. The Hooligan villagers congregate and discuss whether to open the coffin or follow the directions on it - do not open! Despite Hiccup and Old Wrinkly advising against opening it, Stoick opens the coffin anyway. Inside he finds Alvin, the poor-but-honest-farmer. After Alvin revives from his half-drowned state, he "wheedles" his way into Stoick's graces and convinces him to set out on a journey to the Isle of the Skullions to find Grimbeard the Ghastly's buried treasure. Alvin plays on Stoick's desire for infamy, overcoming better judgement.

As the Quest to find Grimbeard's treasure becomes a reality, Stoick becomes motivated by fame and fortune. He pushes Hiccup to be the person to find the treasure, which would mark him as the true heir to the Hooligan Tribe. He gets very upset when his nephew, Snotlout, finds the treasure instead, marking Snotlout as the future heir to the tribe, not Hiccup. When discussion ensues whether to open the possibly booby-trapped chest, Stoick feels that Hiccup is making excuses not to open it, and does so anyway, also motivated by greed. Subtly at first, the box starts emitting a strong foul odor, strong enough to awaken all the Skullions on the island. The Skullions chase everyone to the beach, everyone escapes except Hiccup, who tripped on a very long sword Stoick had given him. Seeing his son in danger, he leaps to his defense and displays extreme fighting skill and wild aggression fighting off the hoards of large deadly Skullions. His dragon, Newtsbreath, also comes to his aid.

Battle Aboard the Lucky Thirteen

On the voyage home from the Isle of the Skullions, Stoick argues with his brother Baggybum the Beerbelly about who should get the treasure and also get the Stormblade. The brothers fight with a staring contest. Gobber and Hugefarts separate the two, or else they'd stare all day. However, when the Lucky Thirteen gets taken over by Outcasts, the brothers fight against their common enemy, back to back. Alvin betrays the Hooligans, who is actually the chief of the Outcasts. The Hooligans are captured and Stoick is held by an Outcast Hiccup nicknames "Curly Horns" with a knife to the throat. Alvin announces he will sell all of them as slaves, except Stoick and his heir, who will be eaten by the Outcasts themselves as a sign of respect. Though Stoick and Baggybum had just been arguing that Snotlout may be the true heir to the tribe, Baggybum's son remains quiet. Instead, Hiccup steps forward, knowing he is about to die. Stoick is very proud of Hiccup for doing this. Alvin is about to kill Hiccup while Stoick looks on, but at that moment, Toothless rolls in a barrel into Alvin's legs and topples him over. Toothless had been trapped by Alvin under the barrel and finally manages to tip it over. The other dragons had already flown home ahead of the ship. That brief diversion gives Stoick time to punch Curly Horns and the "Battle Aboard the Lucky Thirteen ensues. Ultimately the Hooligans win, but not before the ship catches fire and sinks. The Hooligans and captive Outcasts move to the Hammerhead, the Outcast ship. Unfortunately, Alvin, Fishlegs, and Hiccup are trapped on the sinking ship and disappear under the surface. Stoick is shattered at the loss of his son, and mourns his loss by staying at home in front of a shrine to Woden, having forgotten about the allure of the lost treasure.

Physical Appearance

Stoick, as his name suggests, is very large and stocky.

"Stoick was a terrifying red-headed bull of a man whose belly turned a corner a good foot or two before the rest of him."
―Book 2

Despite being "forty and very, very fat", Stoick is very limber and quick and is a reknowned fighter.


Stoick is not the smartest man alive, but he does have good qualities. Although Stoick avoids fighting far more than most Vikings, this is not due to cowardice or incompetence. He has shown himself to be one of the greatest warriors in the Archipelago, fighting his way out of an enormous pack of Skullions and coming in second in the inter-tribal Sword Fighting competition.

Stoick is susceptible to greed for fame and fortune as many people are. When presented with finding Grimbeard's lost treasure, he for goes common sense to pursue it, including not listening to his son, and becoming upset when Snotlout finds the treasure instead.

"Stoick's eyes were already bright with a strange greedy light that Hiccup had never seen before."
―Book 2

However, his love for his son trumps any greed he may be feeling when his son is in danger.

"The strange grip the treasure had on Stoick loosened as soon as he saw his son's like was in danger."
―Book 2

After becoming a slave, he was deeply humiliated and ashamed of what had happened and what his son did. Eventually, with time being a slave, he began to gain a different perspective on his life and his actions. Realizing the mistakes he did and what he could’ve done better. When he found out Hiccup was inside Prison Darkheart, he was overjoyed and happy to find his son alive and well.


Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

In the books, Stoick the Vast is constantly trying to decide right from wrong with his son, because Hiccup is constantly challenging his Viking traditions. He is very loving towards Hiccup, which is not generally considered proper behavior for a Chief.


Stoick the Vast was married to Valhallarama after he found the Fire Stone for Old Wrinkly (Valhallarama's father). They had a son and named him Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III.

Big-Boobied Bertha

Stoick and Big-Boobied Bertha, have had a long rivalry. They always meet each other in competitions, always fighting, arguing or squabbling over the tiniest things, always trying to one-up each other. As well as their rivalry, both of their islands are neighbours, making stealing competitions even more heated. Although it seems as though they really don’t like each other at first, they are usually quite friendly to one another when in times of need. Such as the time when Camicazi was missing, Stoick sent his entire fleet searching for the Bog-burglar heiress. They otherwise enjoy sharing passionate arguments and simply contesting each other wherever they can.




Preceded by:
Squidface the Terrible
Chief of the Hairy Hooligan Tribe
Succeeded by:
Snotface Snotlout,
himself (after Snotlout)

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