Stokehead is a Timberjack who debuts in School of Dragons as a Flight Club Dragon who the player can fly.

He also appears in Dragons: Rise of Berk as a limited time dragon.

Official Description

Stokehead is a Timberjack who loves a good race through the forests around Berk!
  — Dragons: Rise of Berk  

Physical Appearance

Stokehead is a reddish-brown Timberjack who otherwise looks similar to a regular Timberjack.


Stokehead is a playful dragon who loves a good race through the forests of Berk. This is because, as a Timberjack, his wings' razor-sharp edges can cut through trees like a guillotine, allowing him to cut a quick path through the forest to finish the race before any of his competitors do.


  • It is also possible that the Timberjack who taxis the player around in School of Dragons is also Stokehead. Gobber even says, during a quest, that he would hitch up Stokehead with equipment for the school's expansion on Icestorm Island.



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