Sven's Nightmare is a Monstrous Nightmare ridden by Silent Sven.

Official Description

"Not a typical Monstrous Nightmare, this stealthy Dragon blasts poison instead of flame. Giving Vikings a very silent fright."


Becoming an Auxiliary Dragon

In "Team Astrid", Sven chose this monstrous nightmare as his dragon following Dagur's attack on Berk when he joined Astrid's Dragon Riders' Auxiliary. He then assisted in defending Dragon's Edge from Dagur's fleet.

As shown in "A Time to Skrill", Sven and his dragon joined Gustav, Spitelout, and Gothi in taking on the Skrill that attacked Berk. However, like the others, the Nightmare and his Rider were shot down.


Sven's Nightmare is lime green in color with orange wing tips and dark green blotches on its body.


  • According to Rise of Berk, Sven's Nightmare shoots poison instead of fire.
    • However, he has been seen shooting fire in Race to the Edge, so this is likely just a mistake.



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