Taxi is a male Timberjack who appeared in School of Dragons before being removed in a recent update. 


At some point before the game, Taxi was found and trained by someone, likely from Berk, to act as a taxi at the School. Taxi could be found standing on a pedestal at many different locations in the game. The player could click on Taxi to bring up the world map, with which the player could select their destination. The player would then play a brief minigame of flying Taxi through a set of rings before reaching the destination. Unfortunately, the ring minigame was removed from the game and, eventually, so was Taxi himself. He has since been replaced by the World Map.


  • There is a theory that states that Taxi is actually Stokehead, as he also first appeared in School of Dragons. Gobber even states that he would hitch up Stokehead with equipment for the school's expansion onto Icestorm Island.



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