The American Dream was a ship owned and operated by the Hysteric Tribe. The then Hysteric Chief, Bigjob used it to sail to America.


Most Vikings believed that the world was flat, and that if one sailed too far, you he or she would fall off the edge of the world. Vikings also considered a land called America to be fictional, as the land was supposedly on the other side of the world, which to them did not exist due to the fact that the world was flat. They also thought that the vegetable known as the potato was fictional as it only grew in America. No one in the Barbaric Archipelago dared name either America or the potato.

The Hysteric Tribe challenged this, as they believed that the world was round and that America was real. The then Hysteric Chief, Bigjob set out to prove his tribe's belief. He construced the largest Viking longship up until that point, The American Dream. Bigjob sailed to America in The American Dream, and interacted with the native people, the feather people. The feather people gave Bigjob unique arrows that were extra sharp, and a potato.

Bigjob sailed back to the Archipelago after spending a few months in America, with the potato to prove his story. During the voyage home, Bigjob and his men noticed that The American Dream was being followed by a dragon, a Doomfang. Once they reached the Wrath of Thor, the Doomfang attacked the Hysterics and killed Bigjob. The American Dream was placed onto Hysteria by Bigjob's son, Norbert the Nutjob who became the tribe's new Chief.

Around fifteen years later, Norbert decided to make his own voyage to America, and to conquer the land. To do this he constructed The American Dream 2, which was named after his father's ship.



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