The Conqueror is Drago Bludvist's warship that appears in How to Train Your Dragon 2.

Physical Appearance

Drago's fleet consists of plenty of large ships, but is led by the largest ship--The Conqueror.

Unlike most Viking longships, this ship is more elevated and consists of three masts and four sails. The sails depict a Monstrous Nightmare head with a sword through its middle.

Other ships in his fleet don other designs, such as a similar dragon head with arrows or catapulted rocks around it, or the same logo viewed from its side view. The Conqueror has three main segments, each lined next to each other. The bowsprit for each of the segments are dragon heads. The Conqueror has numerous anchors, which Drago hits with his bullhook to attract his Bewilderbeast from underwater.

There are plenty of dragon cages on his ship, all of which are controlled by a rotating gear mechanism and hold captive dragons that are muzzled and held fast by ropes. It also transports several of his traps too.

The Conqueror is run by a small crew, along with Drago and is guarded by numerous pontoons of smaller battleships and smaller supply ships.

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