"The Ice Castle" is the third volume of the Dragons: Riders of Berk Comics published by Titan Comics on January 6, 2015.


"ALL NEW COMIC-STRIP ADVENTURES STARRING HICCUP, TOOTHLESS AND FRIENDS (AND ENEMIES)! Astrid's dragon, Stormfly, goes missing, and the whole of Berk tries to track her down! But what dangers will they ultimately face at . . . the Ice Castle? Plus, in a special short story, Snotlout babysits some infant Monstrous Nightmares."


Chapter 1

When the vikings of Berk clean the snow in the village, the riders and their dragons help by melting it. While Astrid and Stormfly melt the snow at the docks, a strange man sees them, saying that everything he heard is true.

Later, the same man comes to Berk and presents himself as being Arngrim Dammen from the Northlands and that he traveled south so he can trade his surplus of fur. Stoick welcomes him, asking Mulch to find a place for Dammen to stay. However, Gobber doesn't trust him, wanting to keep an eye on him, leaving Stoick.

Meanwhile, all the villagers want to buy a piece of fur from Dammen's market. Astrid however doesn't believe they are more than simple animal furs. Hiccup disagrees,  saying that you can be a brawny bold viking of Berk and enjoy creature comfort at the same time and invites Astrid to try one. As he expected, Astrid changed her mind immediately. Then, Dammen speaks with the two of them, saying that her Deadly Nadder is a fine-looking beast and guessing that she is two years old. When asked why he is interested in that, Dammen claimed it was idle curiosity and that "dragons are something of a pet interest". Before Astrid could've done something wrong, Hiccup pulls her out, asking her why she acted like this. Astrid answers, saying that "there is something off about him".

Later at night, in the Great Hall, Dammen tells a story about his adventures, while Gobber is listening. He soon falls asleep in his chair before the story is over.

Next morning, Stormfly wakes up sniffing and finds a dead chicken outside the academy. She eats it and sees a track of dead chickens. The dragon follows it until she arrives at the docks and passes out. Here, Dammen captures her as he sails off Berk.